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Best Buds: 8 Pairs of Lifelong Super Friends

Good friends are important, and best buds even more so. Someone who has your back, and who will be there when the chips are down. And of course, a heavily super powered friend that shares your own values, motivations, and love for extremely tight uniforms has to be pretty much the best thing ever.

There have been a lot of great pairings over the years in the comic book world, from best friends to friendly rivals. With more than a few friends taking each other on in the theaters next year with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War, it’s important to take stock of these friendships that have developed on-screen and in the comics for years. Sure, they’re fighting now, but chances are after the battle they’ll all go and grab a few beers and bro out over the battle.

There are quite a few more great friendships among the superhero community, buddies that have been through the thick and the thin, fought each other more times than they could count, and have even survived the ‘finality’ of death (at least until the inevitable rebirth). Let’s take a look at some Superhero Best Buds that have survived the test of time.

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Adventures in Romance: Our 10 Favorite Superhero Couples

With the release of the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, we couldn’t have been more excited to see DC’s Trinity stand united on the big screen for the first time. And while this film will obviously focus more on Batman and Superman, we couldn’t help but wonder if we might see the comic relationship between Supes and WW explored in any future films.

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Heroes to Inspire Hairiness; Movember and No-Shave November, Comics-Style

November is almost like a silver-age DC character when it comes to being a theme month for men’s health issues. Representing “Earth One” is the Movember Foundation, which since 2003 has been encouraging men to grow their mustaches during November in an effort to raise awareness and money to combat prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity.

Representing “Earth Two” is No-Shave November, which concentrates its fund- and awareness-raising efforts on cancer prevention, research, and education. Rather than the ‘stache, No-Shave November merely wants participants to quit shaving completely.

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SDCC 2013: Arrow Season Two Sizzle Reel, Plus Highlights of the Comic-Con Panel!

Let’s start right off with the Arrow season two sizzle reel. Now, if you have not seen all of Arrow season one, you might want to skip this as it has a lot of spoilers in it. A lot, a lot.

So much action packed into so little time! Taken from footage of the season premiere, we get a good look at Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev.
Arrow Season Two Sizzle Reel

As exciting as that is, I think we all echo Roy Harper’s question to the mysterious blonde in a mask (Caity Lotz as not Black Canary), “Where the hell did you come from?” Of course this Arrow season two sizzle reel didn’t answer any big questions, like who exactly Caity Lotz’s character is, but we do see Oliver Queen make the beginnings of his move from “the Vigilante” to actually being called Arrow. As Marc Guggenheim said in this interview, they are moving from Hood Guy, to Arrow, to ultimately Green Arrow.

Arrow season two sizzle reel

Same with Black Canary apparently. Laurel will eventually be Black Canary but she needs to start on that journey and Caity Lotz is there to help her begin.

Apparently everyone is moving along in their storylines, including Roy Harper and Deathstroke. During the Comic-Con panel, Colton Haynes referred to season two as Roy’s “island” and Andrew Kreisberg made a point of telling fans that those who are interested in if/how Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson becomes the Deathstroke, then they should make sure to watch season two.

The other big news from the panel is that although it seems as if Malcolm Merlyn met his end in the season finale of Arrow season one, perhaps he’s not as dead as we assumed. John Barrowman appeared on stage saying “I would be more than happy to come back into this family fold. And if I’m being invited back, it’s more than the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’s’ ever done.”

As great as all that news is, two big guest spots were also announced.

Arrow season two sizzle reel

That’s right, Suicide Squad’s own Bronze Tiger is coming to Starling City! Or the island, his story hasn’t been revealed. Michael Jai White will play the martial artist sometime in season two. Given that they are announcing it this early, you’d have to imagine it’d be early in the season.

Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood in Arrow

Same goes for Kevin Alejandro, guest starring as a character named Sebastian Blood, aka Brother Blood. Longtime foe of the Teen Titans. It’s a little easier to see the martial arts fighting of Bronze Tiger making the leap to the Arrow-verse, but there will be some definite changes in the Brother Blood character to comply with the “no superpowers/metahumans” thing that they’ve committed to. But we’ve seen how Count Vertigo was able to be adapted so I’m not too worried about it.

So I think that about covers it. Laurel Lance is still going to be Black Canary. Caity Lotz is going to help her. Roy Harper and Slade Wilson both have changes in store for them. Oh yeah, Thea is taking over Oliver’s club, and Summer Glau’s Isabel Rochev is coming to town.

Can’t wait for October 9th when Arrow season two premieres!


Arrow: Season 2 – Marc Guggenheim Talks Possible Villains

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim sat down with ComicBookResources to talk about Arrow season two. It’s a very interesting interview in terms of what they envision as the “trajectory” of Oliver, plus hints about who we might see from the DC universe in this upcoming season.

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Arrow: A New Deathstroke, and perhaps Shado as well?

Have you ever watched Arrow and thought “there really needs to be more partial nudity on this show” – well this news update is just for you. The powers that be behind Arrow have heard your concerns and have searched the world high and low to find the man (it is network TV after all, no bare boobs here) to best fit the bill.

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Arrow: 1.06, “Legacies”

So last week’s episode was good. I enjoyed the bits with Yao Fei (I have not yet found the Yao Fei fan club so I’m considering just starting my own, let me know if you want in), and of course Diggle as NotArrow, was sad about Walter’s departure, and chose to ignore the whole Laurel and Oliver thing completely.

This week? Well, I have mixed feelings about ‘Legacies’.

Firstly? Yay Royal Flush Gang!!! They are in Starling City to rob a bank but we already knew that. What we didn’t know is that Kyle/Ace was going to go all guns blazing and shoot a cop. Never a good idea. It did however set up nicely the father/son/gun theme that would run throughout the episode. I will say that the re-imagining of the Royal Flush Gang worked, for me at least. I wonder where I can get my hands on one of those masks.

For a moment however, let’s forget all plot line and story because wow.

Oliver and Diggle shirtless

Oliver Queen and John Diggle practicing what looks to be the Filipino martial art, eskrima.
Practice on fellows, practice on.

That scene wasn’t all shirtless sweaty hotness though, Oliver and John did have a meeting of the minds concerning Oliver’s path as the Vigilante. I really hope they come out and officially give a name to his alter-ego (they haven’t have they?) because I know it would help people who write about the show quite a bit as we never know how to refer to him whilst wearing the hood. I’ve done Arrow just because, duh The Green Arrow, but I’m fairly certain they’ve never actually called him Arrow so I’m torn.

Either way, Diggle thinks whatever they are calling him needs to be a hero and work on all types of crime in Starling City while Oliver thinks he should just focus on “The List”.

Arrow Legacies

The flashbacks in this episode were all about Oliver’s dad and usually lined up with “King” of the Royal Flush Gang and his dealing with “Ace”. Even though this wasn’t a favorite episode, I really did like how they set this up. I really do wish though that they would set this show up less like a procedural. I don’t know that there’s any reason to have the bad guy be done at the end of the episode. It makes me want to weep when I think that a villain group as great as The Royal Flush Gang is just going to be one and done. Then again this is the same group that instead of moving on to a new city after being outed as bank robbers, they stick around until they are caught/killed. Can’t say these are the smartest cards in the deck. Of course they previously robbed banks in Keystone City and The Flash didn’t catch them so perhaps they felt they were safe.

Arrow Legacies

I’m going to discuss Laurel now but she annoys me to the point that I can’t even see her face so I went instead with a nice gif showing off Stephen Amell’s form. He’s got a nice anchor point and appears to be solid in his stance.
Too bad he isn’t drawing back on Laurel’s ridiculousness. Apparently not only has she become a stellar lawyer in all forms of practicing law in the matter of 18 months, but she also is running the CNRI (which has to be a play on Canary) and because of that is understandably upset at Stagg Industries pulling their funding. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?!?! Ugh, I just can’t even deal with that crap at all. I’m looking forward to the next episode when Laurel is appointed special counsel to the President of the United States after successfully suing Pol Pot posthumously for crimes against humanity. Not only does her completely ridiculous career path annoy me, but seriously she needs to look into something to treat her mood swings. In the span of 30 seconds she went from “Tommy I don’t need your money” to “My best friend and I play a game called “convince me in ten words or less” and she won so yes Tommy I’d love to throw a fund-raiser with you.”Arrow Legacies I can’t even bring myself to discuss how Tommy won Laurel over by saying she was more preferable to a repeat one night stand.Merlyn need to be bad and Laurel needs to don some fish nets before I write both of them off as boring and useless.

Much to my surprise, I’m liking Thea more. Granted the whole crush on big brother’s best friend thing was a little left fieldish but her interactions with Oliver have become much more pleasurable. I loved the scene with Oliver and Thea giving Moira crap about going on and on about Carter Bowen. It’s a long practiced pastime of siblings and it’s fun to watch them grow/fall back into it. I’m also coming around to the idea of Thea being Speedy if for no other reason than they keep making a point of calling her Speedy. At first it was a passing thing but now there’s been commentary on the name as well. I’d say it’s only a matter of time before we see her flinging arrows at Starling City’s derelict business leaders.

So are we to believe that Oliver Queen can break into the police department (complete with some amazing ceiling acrobatics), download entire databases full of evidence, take that evidence, and then glean the needed information from it but he doesn’t know how to work google?

Arrow Legacies

I’m only half complaining because I want Felicity Smoak to be on the screen as much as humanly possible but still, maybe she needs to be challenged a bit more than inputting something into a search bar.

I said earlier that the running thread through the episode was fathers and sons but I change my mind. It was more of just family in general. As much as I loved the banter between Diggle and Oliver, and especially when Felicity was brought in, it was actually the final scene between Moira and Oliver that was tops in my book. So sweet. I really hope they show more of her story with the boat and the Barrowman and why she was so interested in figuring out what Oliver knew because I want to love her, but there’s this little niggle in my brain (actually it’s my husband sitting next to me going “Don’t trust her Oliver, you can’t trust that bitch.”) that is preventing me.

Arrow Legacies

Seriously if that doesn’t tug at the ol’ heartstrings than you are a heartless bastard. The End.

No new episode next week due to the holiday, but Arrow will return on November 28th with an episode titled “Muse of Fire” featuring a character I’ve been looking forward to since there were first rumors of her… The Huntress!

Arrow Legacies

Until next time- Happy Thanksgiving Arrow fans!