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Batman: Arkham Origins – Who are the 8 Mystery Assassins?

So I don’t know if it’s bothering anyone else besides me, but I’m really, really, really, really, really, really wondering who the remaining assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins are! We’ve already had it confirmed in the recent trailer that two of them are Deathstroke and Deadshot, so that leaves six more foes for Batman that Black Mask has hired. So I guess it’s time to make a list of who I think should be included in this plethora of killers. Now it’s unclear as to whether or not some of the villains not typically specializing in assassin work have been hired by Black Mask because there are definitely villains appearing who don’t necessarily go for that type of thing, for example Penguin and the Joker. My list will be a mix of villains who are primarily assassins but also some villains we have already seen in the other two Arkham games:

1.) Firefly

So there isn’t much to Garfield Lynns, AKA Firefly. But what else do you need from an assassin than the ability to fly, a fireproof gun and a torch gun? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me… err hell maybe? Lynns was hinted at in Arkham Asylum and it would be great to see him HEATING up the city in Origins. That was a terrible play on words by the way.

Arkham Origins

2.) Caine

David Caine is one of the world’s premiere assassins, being hired to kill an abundance of rich and powerful people. Not to mention he actually trained young Bruce Wayne in the ways of the assassin, though Bats  never utilizes the knowledge to kill. It would be a pretty juicy tidbit to see someone who Bruce trained with trying to kill him, whether Caine knows that it is Bruce or not.

Arkham Origins

3.) Lady Shiva

Shiva is the top assassin in Ra’s Al’Ghul’s League of Assassins which didn’t figure prominently into the series until the second installment. Ra’s may have let the Black Mask hire Shiva in an effort to test the “detective” until such a time when Ra’s chooses to confront him. Not to mention Shiva is the mother of Cassandra Cain who was Batgirl for a time, and in the comics Cassandra was also the daughter of none other than David Caine. Perhaps this could figure into the next Arkham game that is a sequel to Arkham City?

Arkham Origins

 4.) Calendar Man

If Julian Day wasn’t born to figure prominently into this game, then I don’t know who is. The game takes place on Christmas Eve of all nights and that is perfect for this calendar obsessed sicko to take a shot at the Batman. We’ve seen hints of him in Arkham Asylum and in the flesh in Arkham City. Maybe we can see what landed him in his much deserved cell during this installment of the Arkham series.

Arkham Origins

5.) Bane

It was stated recently that Origins would have a toned down version of Bane in it. I could definitely see him as someone hired to come in and take down Batman, ala the Animated Series episode titled after the Venom induced breaker of the Batman. I could see him as being juiced to the point of having the frame of The Dark Knight Rises Bane, because if they want him toned down then they can’t have his overgrown, Titan fueled appearance from the other two games.

Arkham Origins

6.) Killer Croc

Waylon Jones is shown most times in the comics these days as a simple muscle for hire type of guy. His predatory instincts make him a very good choice for an assassin and based on all of the animosity he shows Batman in the other two Arkham games it would be interesting to see them interacting before Croc was imprisoned. It would also be fun to have an actual boss fight with Croc given that his appearance in the first game just had you running away from him and the second game only had a short cameo.

Arkham Origins

I have also listed a couple runner ups that I don’t expect to see, but wouldn’t mind if they filled the spots…


I really can’t get enough Clayface. The boss fight in Arkham City against him was probably the best part of the game for me. I think Clayface having the ability to shapeshift into almost any weapon would definitely make him a very potent killer to take down Bats. The guy is basically a living weapon, just made of clay. And since this is dealing with Batman in his younger years, he could be having a showdown with a Clayface just beginning to utilize his new powers.

Arkham Origins

Maxie Zeus

Ok this guy is pretty ridiculous any way that you look at it, but I really liked his portrayal in the 1990’s Batman the Animated Series. While that is still a bit too cheesy, I think that in the Arkham Batman universe that he could really be turned into a legitimate threat. Maybe he could cool down the Greek mythology a tad bit and be an assassin who’s main weapon is that awesome lightning bolt scepter he uses. Like I said, it sounds terrible, but I think Maxie is scheduled for an appearance sometime, given that his night club Olympus was spotted in Arkham City.

Arkham Origins


So there you have my list! What are some of your picks for Arkham Origins? I know there are more out there! Doodlebug? KGBeast? Cheshire? Sound off below in the comments section!

Bat-Comics: Harvey Dent, Jason Todd, and the History of Gotham

A lot has happened since my Gratuitous Batman Update from a while back, so I thought I’d try to get you caught up a little on the source material – the comic books.

Let’s start with something I didn’t cover last time around, the new series from David Finch and Scott Williams

– Batman: The Dark Knight #1-2

This new book looks at Bruce Wayne while Dick, Tim, and Damian are off on their own. These first 2 issues have Bruce looking for a kidnapped girl, and his search leads him to Killer Croc. Croc is strung out on a low-street grade of ‘venom’, the drug that Bane uses to bulk up. Bats learns that Croc is working as muscle for The Penguin, but not until after Batman tortures Cobblepot, breaking several of his limbs. The 2nd issue ends with Batman captured by Croc and ready to be tortured.

I like the art, I love the story, both issues were enjoyable and I look forward to the 3rd.


– Batman #710

Issues 708 and 709 (Which were reviewed Here) closed up the ‘Judgement on Gotham’ arc, so we now look to #710, we do so at the start of a new story; Two-Face Returns!

Harvey Dent is back in town and missing his lucky coin, so he’s killing his way through Gotham looking for it. Well, Dent seems now forever tied to the Falcone Crime Family, and when Mario Falcone hears about his return he sets a trap. Mario is accompanied by a mysterious woman, and it’s not till the last page we find out who she is – Gilda Dent. The book ends with Gilda putting several bullets into Harvey’s chest…

– Detective Comics #875-876

Most of 875 focuses on flashbacks of Jim Gordon’s, and what lead him to believe his own son is a killer. Batman doesn’t actually show up till the end of the book, but we’re lead to believe that Jim Jr. killed one of Barbara’s friends as a child and the Commissioner is convinced his son hasn’t changed. This seems to be building to something bigger to come. In 876 we get back to Bats and his investigation into the appearance of a giant killer whale in the lobby of a bank. This leads Dick to a custom car lot in which is about to be crushed to death when the story stops.

A relatively short issue, though we are given a preview to Arkham City #1 in the back…

– Batman: Arkham City #1 – CLICK HERE

– Batman & Robin #22-23

In issue 22 we wrap up the ‘White Knight’ arc and are given another respectable addition to the Rouges Gallery. This one isn’t as strong as the last chapter, but we do see him head to Arkham in an attempt to wipe out the scum that reside there once and for all. In the end we learn that the White Knight’s father was a guard at Arkham before being killed in a riot by Dr. Phosphorous. Before the Knight (aka Lewis Bayard) can return the favor his is put down by out new Dynamic Duo. It’s nice to see Dick and Damian starting to build their own Rouge’s Gallery to add to Bruce’s. In addition to the White Knight, you could also credit them with Prof. Pyg, The Flamingo, and The Dealer. Not too shabby a crew.

Issue 23 brings us not only a new arc, but a new creative team as well. Tomasi, Gleason, and Gray are replaced by Winick, March, and Bresson. And the new team kicked things off with a bang, going back to where the book began, dealing with Jason Todd. Todd is demanding to be transferred out of Arkham and into a regular prison as he is crazy, only psychotic. Once transferred he starts killing other inmates at a prodigious rate and is ultimately sent back to Arkham, only this time the transport doesn’t make it. A new team of apparent ThunderCat rejects attack the convoy and free Jason. Their motives are not made clear, but the appear to be headed on the road to being jobbers more so than respectable villains.

– Batman: Gates of Gotham #1 of 5

This is the start of a 5 Issue Mini-Series examining the some of the most prominent families in Gotham. The book starts out in the 1881 as we see the start of planing for the great City to be. Present at the meeting are men belonging to the families of Wayne, Cobblepot, and Elliot.

Present day we see Bruce and Tim tracking down a shipment of explosives that have entered Gotham, and we see the 3 oldest bridges in Gotham blown up. It’s only then that they begin to see the look into the connection between the Penguin, Hush, and the Waynes. The end of the issue teases the reveal of the fourth ‘Family of Gotham’, but we’ll have to wait to find out who that is…

For some more cover art on upcoming issues, you can CLICK HERE….

Batman’s Top 10 Best Graphic Novels

The following is a list consisting of what I feel to be the 10 Best Graphic Novels or Trades, featuring the Batman of today. This is a collection of books that can be bought stand alone. For this reason I’ve avoided stories like Knightfall, where you would need to buy 3 volumes to get through the read. Or No Man’s Land, which I love, but it has 5 volumes, and even if you were to purchase all 5 of them, that still covers only 40 of the 80 original issues.

The books on this list though are must-reads for anyone who is a fan of the Bat…

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Gotham’s 20 Best Villains: #1


1. The JokerBatman #1 (Spring 1940)

And in a complete and utter shock to absolutely NO-ONE, The Joker tops my list. Sorry for the lack of surprise here gang, but there is a reason he’s the obvious choice. He is, plain and simple, Batman’s nemesis.

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Gotham’s 20 Best Villains: 15-11

15. The Mad HatterBatman #49 (October-November 1948)

Jervis Tetch is fascinated with hats of all shapes and sizes. Also with the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass, particularly favoring the chapter ‘A Mad Tea Party’.

VillainsJervis made his first appearance, along with Vikki Vale in 1948, and was locked in Arkham not to appear again until 1986. However, during his incarceration, beginning in Detective Comics #230, in April of 1956, another man took up the mantle of ‘The Mad Hatter’ claiming that in fact, HE was Jervis Tetch.

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