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The Best of the Internet: The Funniest ‘Skyrim’ Content

If you’re new to the internet you may not be aware of this, but there was a time when the internet was a simpler place – a place almost entirely made up of cat photos, nutshots and so, so much porn. That is until November 11th came around and Skyrim mounted a devastating invasion on the digital space, nudging the other heavyweights aside to make room for itself atop the internet content hierarchy. It’s become so commonplace for a ‘Fus Ro Dah’ or an ‘arrow to the knee’ to appear on your favorite website that it’s hard to believe both of those phrases were psychobabble as recently as two months ago. Like every other online craze, the Skyrim obsession started off funny and quickly peaked in creativity before it got stale and became the nauseating knee-jerk reaction we know today.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t some hilarious, ingenious or otherwise fantastic things that fans have created about the phenomenal Elder Scrolls title. Here is a list of my favorite Skyrim memes, mods and oddities:

The Mods

PC gamers have at least one advantage over their console peers, in that they have a huge community of people who create and share mods of their favorite games. Skyrim is no exception to this, boasting all kinds of useful tweaks to the standard content like graphical enhancements or health bars for your lockpicks, but it also gives some creative fans way too much freedom. Take for example…

The Zoidberg Mudcrab mod:

Or Macho Man Alduin Savage:

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Skyrim Shopping In Real Life

No matter how you choose to occupy your time in Skyrim‘s massive province, at one point or another you’ll inevitably find yourself in one of its many shops. The buy/sell menu eventually becomes a familiar thing even for the most battle-hardened Tamrielites, and while stopping in at your local store is a handy way to earn some coin and free up your inventory, it’s not the game’s most memorable feature.

Nonetheless, Grosjean Brothers Productions has made a 4-minute video celebrating the highs and lows of a Nord’s everyday shopping trip. It’s full of flashy effects and packed with references to the critically acclaimed game, right down to the infuriatingly repetitive dialogue from the shopkeep. Take a look:

Ah, makes me want to dive back in to my old save file. And I was finally free of its grasp, too.

PS3’s The 10 Best Video Games of 2011

2011 has been one of the biggest and most memorable years for the video game industry that I can remember. An amazing library of games has come out in the past 11 months, and we were treated a massive fourth quarter that likely took a huge toll on your wallet. As 2012 draws ever-closer and with thanksgiving just passing by, I think it’s time we reflect on the best titles of the year. So here it is, the top 10 games of 2011:

10. Mass Effect 2

I’ll be completely honest; I’m cheating here. Those of you paying attention should know that Mass Effect 2 actually came out in 2010. I’m copping out by using the PS3 port that came out in January as a brand new release because even as a game I’d already played on the more responsive PC, ME2 is one of the most impressive space-sagas I’ve experienced in any medium.

The galaxy you explore as Commander Shepard is as deep and fully realized as those in Star Wars, Star Trek or any other galactic fantasy out there but what really makes Mass Effect 2 an amazing video game is a great story, real choices with actual narrative impact and satisfying, tight combat mechanics.

It’s a good enough package that a year later it would otherwise tie for 2nd place on my list of 2011’s best games, but I can’t quite overlook that it already came out in 2010, so I’ve compromised and put it at #10.

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