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Grand Theft Auto Online Revealed: Not Your Average Multiplayer

Today Rockstar Games unveiled the core details of its new multiplayer service, and boy it’s a doozy. Like the gameplay trailer that came out a month ago, a lot of information is divulged in a short amount of time so let’s get right to it:

A persistent and continually expanding world” is the mission statement of Grand Theft Auto Online. In it, up to 16 players can run amok in Los Santos, engaging in a ridiculous amount of activities that include the expected things – ‘classic online modes’ (We’re guessing team deathmatch type stuff), racing, recreational sports and random acts of violence – but also what appear to be more scripted missions similar to those featured in the single-player game. These ‘jobs’ reward the player with cash which can be used to customize characters, vehicles and weapons or homes and garages to keep some of the fancy cars, planes, boats (and telescopes?!) amassed over time. It’s basically a whole separate version of Grand Theft Auto V you can play with 15 of your friends.

What’s more, the trailer promises that Rockstar will be dedicating itself to adding more and more content to the multiplayer over time and, on top of that, a content creator is built-in to allow players to custom build their own deathmatch arenas and vehicle races. In short, GTA Online is designed to keep expanding long after its release.

GTA Online

A wonderful Redditor who goes by the username /u/ColdPhone compiled a list of additional details on GTAO from CVG’s impressions of a 50-minute off-hand preview:

  • Characters from GTA V will appear in GTA Online
  • GTA Online will not always be limited to Los Santos; additional locations are in the works
  • CVG says you can do anything in GTA Online that you can do in GTA V. They list the following: heists, co-op missions, gang attacks, death matches, impromptu deathmatch, races, tennis, golf, base jumping, shooting range, ambient events (hold ups of stores, armored van robberies, crate drops, import/export missions involving car theft, bounties that you can set on other players and people can claim), betting
  • If you are killed while holding money (CVG says 1million as an example) you will lose a large portion of it, and others can steal it. Use banks to keep money safe
  • An in-game smartphone can call your friends whether they are in GTA Online or GTA V. You can also use this to set waypoints for your friends. While using the phone, your avatar moves their lips with yours.
  • While you are driving, you can choose to grant someone else permission over the radio
  • In-game AI will respond to how aggressive you are on your mic (as in, if you’re shouting during a robbery, the AI will react and speed up/become more frightened)
  • Whoever sets up a heist decides who gets what cut of the final money when that money is obtained
  • Garages range from two car ports to 10 car ports
  • Cars can have retractable roofs controlled by the player
  • Missions can be accessed by physical markers or through a quickmatch sort of menu
  • User-made missions can be favorited and rated
  • You can assign other players certain roles in missions based on the particular abilities they have leveled up
  • You can share cash and ammunition with other players
  • There are stealth kill animations, possibly with a knife. The game tracks the amount of noise your character is making, and the AI will respond accordingly
  • You can steal physical items. During the demo, a mission was done in which a bike warehouse was robbed. The bikes had to be transported out in a large truck
  • “RP” are the points you get to level up your character
  • You can use physical gestures, such as flipping the bird
  • All of your info/communications in the game appear in the “Feed.” Rockstar mentioned this as a sort of Twitter for GTA Online
  • You can purchase insurance for your car. By insuring your vehicle, if it gets destroyed or stolen, you can have it replaced by paying a small premium
  • Police helicopters have cameras mounted to the front of them. In real-time, you can watch on live TV (on the news channel in your apartment) players with a high wanted level being chased by the police. There are additional channels with programs such as a crime noir show
  • Heists can have up to 20 different components. A heist is mentioned where a Titan (largest aircraft) is guarded by “Maryweather” (sp?). The Titan is indeed a flyable aircraft
  • There is a heli-pad on the roof of (at least) the largest AmmuNation and the store can also be accessed from there
  • Off the west coast of Los Santos, there is an another island with lots of buildings. This has not been seen before, but the folks at CVG saw it from afar
  • There is a “passive” mode where you cannot shoot or be shot
  • Your online world will always be populated with by 16 human players. You can still have friends in the game with you, but the other slots will fill up with random people around the same reputation level, as well

Some of these details, like AI reacting to your voice on-mic, sound like major gameplay breakthroughs, while others, like car insurance, are smaller elements that altogether deepen the experience considerably. This is not tacked-on multiplayer or a companion piece to the main game. GTA Online is a stand-alone, immersive world-building exercise that happens to be centered around one of the most entertaining video game franchises of all time.

Grand Theft Auto Online goes live October 1st, 2013 and access comes free with retail copies of GTA V.

GTA V: Rockstar Reveals 5 Minutes of Gameplay Footage & a Look at Los Santos

With July in full swing and The Last of Us behind us, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) is arguably the most anticipated game for the remainder of this console generation. Developer Rockstar Games has been parcelling out information about the game in little chunks here and there, but today they released a whopping 5-minute gameplay trailer. This is the first time the new world of Los Santos has been expansively detailed and described for the player without pre-rendered cutscenes, and it looks gorgeous. Take a look:

Rather than leave the focal points and important features of GTA V up to the player to find and dissect as Rockstar is wont to do, this trailer is concisely narrated to make sure you’re noticing exactly how huge this game is going to be. No bombastic Stevie Wonder lead-ins or goofy asides here, they have five minutes to show you the largest world map the team has ever created. Eyes front and center kiddies, there’s a lot of content to introduce.

Just a few of the activities you’ll be able to enjoy include scuba diving, skydiving, shopping, yoga, golf, stock trading, hunting, bounty hunting, tennis and bike racing, but those are relatively simple distractions to enjoy amidst all the crime-sprees, missions and major heists that comprise the bulk of Grand Theft Auto V’s campaign. GTA V will also allow for a huge amount of customization for each of your players: cars, clothes, tattoos, guns and maybe more can be tailored to your personal liking.

GTAV Features Michael Franklin and Trevor

The trailer finally shows us exactly how switching between the three main characters will work, and at least within the trailer, it looks extremely fluid and seamless. I wonder if it will play as organically when I’m shooting out the passenger window of my Escalade and realize my other me is about to drive headlong into a building, but there’s no way to know just how well it works until the game’s released.

Jumping from character to character looks fun and flashy outside of missions too, but again, I’m curious to see how it works with real player spontaneity. Each of the examples in the trailer shows characters midway through some interesting activity (Michael ending a bike ride with his son and Trevor in a chaotic car chase with the cops); will I always catch my partners in some kind of crazy situation or will I find Trevor asleep on the couch from time to time? Also I’m curious to know if that switch to satellite view, which admittedly looks cool in the video, will become tedious after 10-15 hours of playing the game.

Finally, the trailer boasts that all the mechanics, from shooting to driving, have been fine-tuned to be more responsive. I’m all for that. Despite all of GTA‘s untouchable achievements, for a game all about crime and underworld shenanigans, combat has always been a messy affair. The gunplay shown in this trailer looks far more immediate than GTA IV, though again, there’s no way to know without playing the game ourselves.

GTAV - Franklin

Only Rockstar can set the internet ablaze with a video (Okay, maybe Deep Silver did it once), and they seem to outdo themselves with every one they release. This reintroduction to Los Santos just makes the wait for September 17th that much more unbearable.

What do you think of the released gameplay footage? Has it amped up your excitement or cooled you off a bit? Sound off in the comments section below!

GB’s Most Anticipated Video Games of 2013

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 almost certainly hitting stores by 2014 and a whopping seven years since the beginning of this console generation, you’d expect Microsoft and Sony to be limping toward the finish line, cranking out shovelware to pad time until their flashier, youthful replacements can take their place. However, 2013 is looking like a banner year for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles, despite the fact that if they were people, the 360 and PS3 would be playing bridge at the community center and forgetting the names of their grandchildren. Against all odds, developers are squeezing amazing potential out of these old machines, doing things we didn’t think were possible with current technology. We’ve only hit mid-February and already been treated this year with games like DmC: Devil May CryNi No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Dead Space 3, but there is a lot more in store for 2013. We at Grizzly Bomb can’t believe the wealth of upcoming games that are rounding out this almost decade-long run, so here is our list of our most anticipated games for 2013.


Bioshock Infinite

Daniel Woizinski

Bioshock is often brought up in cases supporting the argument that video games are art. Irrational Games struck gold when they created Rapture, a sorrowful undersea dystopia which succumbed to the hubris of modern science. But the game reached beyond the scope of the world it inhabited, turning gaming conventions on their head to make a pointed commentary on the role of the player in a video game. How much control do you really have in a game, and how easily do you do what you’re told? Nothing had ever challenged us in such a way on this large a scale before. It opened the door for future titles to take their subject matter more seriously and ask even more questions about why we play games. Bioshock Infinite is Irrational Games’s spiritual successor to the first game, replacing the ocean floor with open skies.

As former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, the player is tasked with rescuing a girl named Elizabeth, who has been held captive in Columbia for twelve years. The floating city features its own unique set of aesthetics and steampunk mechanisms, but it is certainly loosely tied to the world of Rapture. The combat seems to be made up of the same general format; vigors replace tonics and a giant eagle-like creature replaces the Big Daddies, but at the end of the day you still have a gun in the right hand and a magic power in the left. Not that that’s a bad thing – if Infinite can capture half the rich atmosphere and frantic gameplay of the previous games it will be leagues ahead of many shooters. Yet the focal point for me rests on the AI partner Elizabeth, who seems more interesting than the NPC companions we’ve come across before. Irrational is quick to mention that she is far from the silent, robotic and frankly useless tagalongs seen in previous games, and everything we’ve seen in demos supports that. Bioshock Infinite just may be the start of smarter, more capable and satisfying AI.

Release date: March 26

Deadpool: The Game

Mitch Neumann

I remember watching an interview with Deadpool: The Game lead designer Terry Spier in October of 2012 and thinking they just might have the savvy to pull this off. He was quoted as saying it will have “Everything you could want in a Deadpool game.”  Considering he’s one of the most intriguing comic book anti-heroes, there is a lot to be said about that statement.

Deadpool: The Game will be a 3rd-person action brawler to include the use of Deadpool’s extensive arsenal. It will be a unique adventure not tied to any previous story line, but rather will be mission based. Spier truly believes they have nailed his personality. That being said, the game should fully deliver the fourth-wall breaking Merc with a mouth that we all love.

Could anyone else go for a chimichanga?

Release date: Unspecified

The Last of Us

Daniel Woizinski

Uncharted is one of the most lauded and beloved series of the past decade, but even before that Naughty Dog was making waves with games like Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter. While the majority of successful games have gone the open-world route and allowed the player to enjoy a build-your-own-adventure playstyle, the studio has been fine-tuning the linear single-player campaign to near perfection. The Last of Us looks to be taking that even further with another third-person action game a la Uncharted, only this time there’s a dedicated focus on emotion, character and story. Joel and Ellie are two survivors trying to find the coast in a wasteland of roving bandits and infected horrors. The violence is brutal, the landscape overgrown, the characters desperate. This is Cormac McCarthy’s The Road with a controller.

I haven’t felt the kind of excitement I have for The Last of Us in an extremely long time. The Uncharted series, particularly Drake’s Deception, achieved an almost effortless sense of character and atmosphere. Its cinematic moments are some of the most breathtaking scenes I’ve come across in all the games I’ve played. All of this is despite the fact that, at its core, the story is fairly hollow and the gameplay is far from special. From everything I’ve seen, The Last of Us looks like it will boast all the same qualities that made Nathan Drake one the most iconic characters in video games, and ground it all on something thrilling, emotional and satisfying.

Release date: June 14

Watch Dogs

Chris Tansuche

What you’re reading is a bunch of games that bring excitement and/or nostalgia to the staffers here at Grizzly Bomb. Video games have come a long way in terms of storytelling and the immersion the gamer has into the new world. Grand Theft Auto III led the way into the non-linear world where you can do as you please and interact with the objects in your environment to aid in whatever you chose to do in the world of Liberty City. Ubisoft, the people behind the Assassin’s Creed series, have helped usher in a revolution in gaming in terms of the control and open world environments. It looks like they are about to up the stakes and expectations in the video game world one more time with Watch Dogs.

I remember watching the 2012 E3 trailer for this game and being blown away. Then I watched the gameplay demo, that I have embedded below, and it completely blows my mind. The idea of ‘Big Brother’ has been along for awhile but never been totally explored in the video game world. At least not in a world where you can play ‘Big Brother’. In this game, as you navigate a beautiful rendering of Chicago, you control all the electronic devices in your area and in the demo, you can hack or control the electronic airwaves. So walking by someone, you can see what their income is, whether they’ve been charged in a crime, or even see if they carry a disease unknown to the public around them. It’s a scary proposition that someone could view this information off of your ‘digital shadow’. Basically, the world is run by a supercomputer that processes all the information in order to safe guard against any attacks and keep things regulated in the world. However, if someone were to gain control of that access, imagine what they could do with that information. I honestly cannot do the game justice explaining it in two paragraphs. Just watch the gameplay trailer below and be amazed. You can thank me later.

Release Date: Unspecified

Grand Theft Auto V

Daniel Woizinski

Rockstar Games is a studio with an almost immaculate track record of late. They’ve had major success with their smaller titles (size is relative here) like Max Payne and L.A. Noire but they are revered and highly esteemed for their work on their flagship series, Grand Theft Auto. GTA V is taking fans back to Los Santos for the first time since San Andreas, and much like they had done with Liberty City in GTA IV, the tri-city area has been redesigned from the ground up. We don’t know all that much about the game’s story but we can expect more of the violence, gunfire and criminal activity that has made the series a favorite target for the mainstream media.

There aren’t many companies I trust as implicitly to deliver a satisfying experience as Rockstar Games. They just make good content. It’s easy in the years between titles to forget that there is more to the Grand Theft Auto series than indulgent sex and violence. The truth is, the sandbox of GTA is great for so much more than that. Racing, hunting hidden items, finding secrets…hell, even walking down the street in Rockstar’s cities is always full of surprising, entertaining moments. It’s also worth mentioning that Grand Theft Auto is one of the best satires of American culture out there today. But what makes me most excited for GTA V is the fact that this will be the first game in the series to come out since Red Dead Redemption, a game that introduced plenty of new innovations to the 3rd person sandbox, and quickly became one of my favorite games. If they implement any of the same ideas into the new Grand Theft Auto, it should be a fantastic next chapter in the series.

Release date: September 17