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Grizzly Review: Killer Elite

Last night I saw the newest Statham movie, and I have to say I was surprised. Not at all what I was expecting. In the trailer (which we talked about in June) we heard ’80s rock and got lots of punching and shooting and all around violent types of imagery. So naturally I expected your general type of Statham movie. However, we were rewarded with something even better (Well, depending on your mood), a real movie with an actual plot.

Taking place in 1980, Killer Elite revolves around the desired redemption of the disgraced Sheikh Amr. For Amr to gain said redemption and lift his exile to return home, the men who murdered his 3 sons must confess and be killed themselves. That seems straight forward enough, but where the twist comes in, and what seemed to confuse others in the audience, was just how exactly Jason Statham gets sucked into this vendetta. And as it turns out, it’s all a result of multiple betrayals, as well as his own loyalty.

From the trailer it looks like a movie full of Statham vs. Owen, but in truth they are little more than pawns, neither really knowing the real reason they are there. And that reason is something I don’t really want to give away, because I’m gonna go ahead and recommend  you see this movie, so I don’t want to ruin anything. I can say this though – the trailer is not the most accurate representation of a movie that I’ve seen.

The vague overview: De Niro takes the job from the Sheikh blindly, and then upon learning further details tries to back out. This doesn’t go over well with the powers that be, so old Bobby D is held captive. This forces his old friend (the Stath) to end his freshly begun retirement, and complete the job in exchange for De Niro’s release. Statham puts together a team and proceeds to hunt down the men responsible – all Ex-SAS officers that were under orders at the time of their crimes.

Enter Clive Owen, an ex-SAS soldier in his own right, acting out on the behalf of ‘The Feathermen’, a much older group of retired SAS. He’s looking to stop Statham, and in the background is all sorts of politicking our principles don’t know about.

Overall I found the movie quite enjoyable, though if I had to nitpick there is one thing that bugged me, which was the camera work during the fight scenes. So of Director Gary McKendry I might ask that next time – pan out. The super fast extreme closeup angles during the  action scenes make it hard to see the action. But that’s really about it. I liked the movie more than expected. DeNiro had a scene so badass the audience cheered, ‘Mr. MFWIC’ – [Mother F–ker Whats In Charge] was amusing, and Dominic Purcell‘s mustache was too awesome to criticize. I went to see a mindless action movie and instead got an action movie that actually stimulated the brain as well…

I’ll give it a 4/5 Bears. Booyah.

Also, for the Chuck fans out there, I should mention that Statham’s girl is played by Yvonne Strahovski

The Expendables 2: Schwarzenegger and Willis Returning

For all of you Expendables fans out there who can’t get enough of Hollywood action stars shooting and killing bad guys then here’s some excellent news: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are returning….

But don’t worry, it won’t be as lame as their little bit of face time in the first movie, according to Worst Previews, these roles are “substantial”:

Millennium Films recently revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis will return for “The Expendables” sequel, but now comes word that the two actors have officially closed their deals for “substantial” roles in the film.

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews and Randy Couture are also all returning. And they will be joined by Chuck Norris, Scott Adkins and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Now, by substantial roles I hope that means Arnold gets a nice little Commando-esque scene where he destroys about thirty guys on his own. Seriously that’s the only way to go! With the film reportedly losing Jet Li, they are a couple of guys that I think more than make up for his absence: Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van-Damme. And with Simon West, director of Con Air at the helm, you know this movie is more than likely going to be the most retarded thing ever… but in a good way. I watched Con Air over fifty times in the summer of its video release and many of you may not know that it is indeed an Academy Award winner nominee. (Original Music and Sound) So buckle up for 2012 my friends because the world IS ending once the Schwarz-Damme-Allone wave hits ya!

Grizzly Review: Blitz

Do you like cop movies? Do you like Jason Statham as a brooding bad-ass who loves to beat the ever loving crap out of scumbags? (Isn’t that all of the time?) Then there is no reason at all you shouldn’t love the British flick Blitz. I can’t really figure out why the hell it wasn’t in the U.S. cinemas, because anything with Statham in it is worth some box office bucks. But as it is, we get it later in the U.S. straight to DVD. I guess I got it cheaper and it was well worth the money.

Yup… that tag line is in Spanish

Blitz follows the antics of ‘Detective Tom Brant’, a cop who takes the law into his own hands quite a bit… with extreme prejudice. The scene at the beginning where he handles a group of young thugs is classic Statham, with a bat no less, and one of the best lines spoken by him yet – “If you’re gonna pick the wrong fight at least pick the right weapon.” That’s right all you punks, fear him. Things get even more interesting when we are introduced to the film’s antagonist who has a penchant for killing police. Especially those from the same station as Detective Brant, and as time goes on it seems that there is something personal between the killer and our gruff hero.

Once again Jason Statham plays the tough guy in this movie, but nothing like out of The Transporter  or The Expendables. This time he’s a cop in the big city, with his mental well-being teetering on the edge, and what seems to be a slight drinking problem. If anything I’d liken him to Riggs from Lethal Weapon, but without the personal tragedy. Unless I missed something Brant just likes to use excessive force on bad guys now and then, but he’s still a good cop. Statham played him with a brilliant touch of heavy sarcasm and I loved every second of it. A great scene was when a guy providing Brant with some info in the pub asks the detective if he’s going to write down any of the stuff he’s giving him. Brant then replies incredulously – “Do I look like I carry a pencil?” before knocking back a pint of beer.

Things get a little more interesting when Brant teams up with the newest addition to his station, and a man who is his polar opposite played by Paddy Considine (Hot Fuzz). This is the usual cliché’ in cop movies where two vastly different breeds of cop team up to bring down the bad guy, but it worked a little better than normal in Blitz. Considine’s ‘Porter Nash’ and Detective Brant cut through all of their differences when Brant pays him an impromptu visit to his apartment. The two reach a mutual respect in that scene, and as Brant leaves he calls Nash a pillow biter to get in a jab at Nash’s sexual preference that has gained him so much enmity throughout the police force. It was a great moment as the uber hetero-cop and the homo-cop join forces to take down the cop killer plaguing their station.

Aiden Gillen (The Wire, Game of Thrones) plays the quirky and attention seeking cop killer perfectly named ‘The Blitz’, obviously relishing in the role of the crazy SOB since he hasn’t been able to do that since the horrible 12 Rounds movie starring him and wrestler John Cena. 12 Rounds was assuredly a terrible movie, but Gillen was excellent as villain ‘Miles Jackson’. As ‘the Blitz’ though, Gillen was equally as devious, but with a more realistic approach to it. He was the type of criminal we might have in this day and age where the bigger the crime, the harder it is to convict them.

Overall I give Blitz a 4 out of 5 grizzlies. With cop dramas being a dime a dozen it was nice to see one with every actor in it firing on all cylinders. I hope Statham does a lot more of these types of movie instead of straight up action, because he really excels in movies like Snatch and The Mechanic.

If you’re interested and there are no longer any videos stores near your house, Blitz is available at Redbox & on Netflix Instant Queue!

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Breaking Bad: Season 4, Epidsode 5 – “Shotgun” Review

Well last week left off with Pinkman in the car with Mike and the intentions of the drive not entirely clear. This week we start off with Walt tearing ass in his ugly Pontiac Aztek like it’s a Jason Statham movie or something, jumping curbs, weaving though traffic and making frantic phone calls. Determined to impose his will on Gus and find Jessie. This brings Walt to Los Pollos Hermanos where he insists on talking to the proprietor, which he does not get to do.

As it turns out Jessie isn’t being taken out to a ditch, but instead with Mike to make pickup of cash. An idea that came from Gus and one that turns out to have a very specific focus. On the last stop Jessie stops to men whom he believed to be making a play for the money. As fate would have it, or at least as Gus would have it, the men were plants and the focus of the whole day was to create some self-worth for Pinkman. And it works.

On the outside of the business, Walt and Skyler finalize the deal to buy the car wash and then bang. After the passionate bang session, Skyler suggests Walt move back in, an idea he no longer seems so keen on.

“Uh, yeah Baby, that was some good sexing and all…but – uh – I don’t know about this moving in stuff….”

Later at dinner, Walt and his fragile ego talk Hank out of believing Gale was Hisenberg, which prompts Hank to delve back into the case. This could be bad news for Gus, and maybe even the beginning of the end for Walt…

Overall, good episode. This should pull Jessie out of his funk, and promises more interaction between him and Mike – which is always good. If I had a complaint it’d be no Saul, but otherwise real good. I love the camera work at the beginning when Walt is driving, and obviously when Jessie is waiting with the car. Just brilliant.

3.5 / 5 Bears. 

Statham Possibly in Transformers 4?

So what if Shia LeBeouf doesn’t come back for Transformers 4, why would you need him when you have the Stath? Check out the blurb below from IGN:

Latino Review points out that ShowbizSpy claims Statham is in the running to play the lead in the next film. “It’s clear the franchise still has huge potential but with a new leading man capable of taking Transformers in a new, darker direction,” according to the site. “Jason could be just the man to do that and his relationship with Rosie would be an added bonus in marketing the movie.”

Of course it’s all just rumor now, but imagine how hardcore of a movie Transformers 4 would be with robots not only beating the shit out of each other, but Jason Statham navigating the battlefield in Bumblebee and blasting the circuits out of Decepticons too! It’s too awesome to comprehend! And he’s no stranger to the whole weaponized car deal. (DEATH RACE?)

Of course there’s also already talk about whether or not the fourth robo-extravaganza would be a reboot over at IGN:

“Not so fast,” according to producer Don Murphy.

On the producer’s message board, Murphy wrote: “What happens next? Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Tobey Maguire. I don’t know what happens next. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy…”

Interestingly, Transformers director Michael Bay recently told IGN that he thinks a future installment would have to go the way of the reboot.

I think Michael Bay is just straight up retarded here. Or maybe he’s just afraid someone else will pick up where he left off and the franchise continues to be a money maker and it makes him feel less special. There’s still plenty of directions to go with Transformers 4 leading off from Dark of the Moon. Sure Megatron and the other main Decepticons are dead as Dillinger, but as many hardcore Transformers fans are aware, Galvatron is created from the ruined body of Megatron. (Just as Cyclonus and Galvatron’s other minions are made from other fallen Decepticons.) And Galvatron is brought back by none other than Unicron, the biggest of the Transformes; think of a Death Star transforming into a giant robot with a sweet Sentinel Prime beard.

And there are still plenty of Autobots to bring into the mix with Iron Hide dead, and if they decide to off Optimus once and for all. They would just have to bring in Kup, Hot Rod, Blur and Springer, all of whom would make for great incarnations on the silver screen. See? No need for a reboot at all. Just make Autobot city on Earth and go from there!

Springer is the shiznite!

Sure it’s all way too early to tell what they’ll do at this point and the Statham thing is just one huge rumor, but let’s face it; Pirates of the Carribbean 4: On Stranger Tides isn’t even out of theaters yet and Depp is already about to sign on for the next one. In Hollywood, I believe there is no such thing as early, especially when it comes to milking a franchise for everything it’s worth. What say you all? Any ideas of where the next Transformers movie can go? Or are you sick and tired of robots in disguise?

New Killer Elite Trailer: Statham, Owen, De Niro and The Scorpions Team Up

Statham, Owen, DeNiro and The Scorpions Team Up – and they are going to rock you like a hurricane.  Below is the new trailer for Killer Elite which stars the aforementioned Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro. Watch, enjoy, absorb and once you quit fist pumping, meet me down below for a brief discussion.

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Blitz: Jason Statham and the Cop Killer

In a rare departure from his usual role, Jason Statham will play a hard-ass cop who beats the crap out of people. But the big change is that it’s supposed to be good. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing the Stath lay the beat-down as much as the next guy, but most of his movies aren’t what you call…plot heavy. Well this one might not be either, but currently on IMDb it has a 9/10, and Rotten Tomatoes has yet to give it a negative review.

The story is about a guy – Blitz – who is going around and murdering cops. That’s not nice. Statham is a cop who doesn’t want to be murdered by some hipster in neon colored glasses, so he gets proactive. Here is the trailer…

Aside from the Stath, we also get Blitz himself, played by Aidan Gillen who was on the master work HBO show The Wire, and is currently on the master work HBO show A Game of Thrones.

Also showing up in the trailer was Paddy Considine, who was in Cinderella Man, and more importantly, the Edgar Wright masterpiece Hot Fuzz. Guy is great.

So what do you think – Yeah or Nay?

Justified: A Beacon of Modern Masculinity

I’ve certainly spent a lot of time the last couple of years talking about the loss of masculinity in American pop culture. In a time where we are inundated with pop singers and Disney kids primed as tomorrow’s only action stars, it makes it hard not to look back at yesteryear and wonder what happened.

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