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Most Anticipated Scenes From A Game Of Thrones – HBO

By A Game of Thrones, I mean the show in its entirety, assuming after the already renewed second season they finish the rest. There are some scenes in the books by Martin that are just downright shocking and made me want to cry, laugh and punch a wall. Sometimes all at once. Most but not all include deaths and events that I just did not see coming. I¬†IMPLORE those of you who haven’t read the books, to go no further in reading this article, unless MAJOR¬†spoilers don’t bother you at all. I really wish I hadn’t read the books because the series would be shocking me left and right. And now for all you faithful readers who can’t wait to see most of these scenes on-screen, let’s take a look at my picks. I didn’t put them in order because I can’t decide which ones are better than the other because they are all soooo good.

Game of Thrones

*Once again… SPOILERS*

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