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By A Game of Thrones, I mean the show in its entirety, assuming after the already renewed second season they finish the rest. There are some scenes in the books by Martin that are just downright shocking and made me want to cry, laugh and punch a wall. Sometimes all at once. Most but not all include deaths and events that I just did not see coming. I IMPLORE those of you who haven’t read the books, to go no further in reading this article, unless MAJOR spoilers don’t bother you at all. I really wish I hadn’t read the books because the series would be shocking me left and right. And now for all you faithful readers who can’t wait to see most of these scenes on-screen, let’s take a look at my picks. I didn’t put them in order because I can’t decide which ones are better than the other because they are all soooo good.

Game of Thrones

*Once again… SPOILERS*

A Most Unexpected Beheading

This is probably the first event in the Song of Ice and Fire books that really shocked me and I would assume many other readers. It makes me wonder what those first time fans of the series will think when it happens on the show. Will they leave in droves to find a different show? Or like me, will they recognize this as a series where no character is safe and other characters are strong enough to fill the void left by the one who died?

I speak of course of the beheading of Lord Eddard Stark. I think it was most shocking because he seemed like the main character of the book, even though each chapter is told from one character or another’s viewpoint. It seemed like Ned dominated the majority of those chapters with his honorable self, the very thing that I believe led him to his death. It shocked me so much because it had been decided that if Ned had pleaded guilty to treason he would be allowed to live out the rest of his life on the Wall with his “son” Jon Snow and brother Benjen Stark. Instead the little turd and new King Joffrey decided heads must roll and Ned dies by his own sword.

Game of Thrones
Ned in the Godswood – This scene was perfectly depicted in the HBO Series

The Red Wedding

Robb Stark was a pretty likeable character. He rose up against the Lannister rule after the execution of his father after the Northern Lords proclaimed him their King of the North. Under the counsel of his mother Catelyn Stark, and combined with the houses of her native Riverrun, Robb was well on the way to securing his kingdom and possibly marching on King’s Landing to take revenge on the Lannisters. There were however, complications that arose.

After promising the head of House Frey, Walder Frey, that he would marry one of his many daughters and make them Queen, Robb makes a very bad mistake. He marries another girl whom he falls in love with and this prompts Walder Frey to withdraw his support of the Northern King. Robb however needs to access bridges that the Frey’s control in order to continue his fight against the Lannisters. Frey agrees to meet and accepts Robb’s apology and an offer to wed one of the Frey Daughters to his Uncle Edmure from his mother’s side. Now comes the Red Wedding.

It is called the Red Wedding because the Frey’s ruthlessly kill nearly all of the Northern Bannerman, Catelyn Stark and Robb Stark. It would appear that Walder Frey’s acceptance of Rob’s apology was insincere. This made for one of the most brutal scenes in the book series and a prime example of the betrayals that occur in them. It also made me hope even more so for the Lannisters and Freys to die extremely uncomfortable deaths.

Game of Thrones

Jaime Lannister Needs a Hand

I used to hate Jaime Lannister because he was so arrogant and the Lannisters altogether sucked. (with the exception of Tyrion) For me all of that changed not only after he was defeated by Robb Stark’s forces and captured, but especially when he lost his sword hand to the infamous Bloody Mummers. It seemed at that point that Jaime was humbled and you actually started to feel sorry for him. He started to realize how he only jumped to the tune of not only his father but his sister too, who he carried on a very long relationship of incest with. It was refreshing to see him make his own decisions and not jump when Cersei asked him to.

Game of Thrones
Jaime Lannister after the assassination of King Aerys – Great Picture

Joffery’s Misdeeds and Comeuppance

If you don’t hate Joffery Lannister by the end of book 1 of a Song of Ice and Fire, then there is something seriously wrong with you. He’s the youngest, most sadistic, power-hungry and arrogant little shit that has possibly ever lived in literature and when the little bastard gets what’s coming to him it is priceless.

Before Joffrey’s dinner incident, Tyrion realizes that Joffrey is the one who arranged for Bran’s attempted murder with a certain Valyrian Steel dagger. Then before anything more can come of it, Joffrey bites the dust due to poisoned wine. George R. Martin has a way of bringing out a little evil in his readers, because I had never been so glad to see a kid die than that little turd.

Game of Thrones

Tywin Lannister In Deep Crap

This wasn’t so much of a shocker as it was satisfying. That’s easy when Tyrion Lannister is  one of your favorite characters and his own family treats him like a piece of dirt. None more so than his father Tywin. After being framed for killing his nephew and escaping, he finds that he is betrayed by the woman whom he loved and thought loved him back: and ontop of that he finds her in his father’s bed chamber. In the most undignified position, the richest man in the kingdoms is killed by Tyrion whilst on the shitter putting a halt to the endless debate of whether or not Lord Tywin Lannister actually does “shit gold.”

Game of Thrones

Little Finger: Master Manipulator and the Death of Lysa

By the third book, Petyr Baelish reveals himself to be the center of nearly all of the chaos throughout Westeros, in an effort to gain power for himself. He is the true master of the Game of Thrones. He convinced a very unstable Lysa Arryn to poison her own husband and then blame it on the Lannisters. He pinned Bran’s attempted murder on Tyrion Lannister. With those two events he increased hostilities between the two houses which eventually resulted in the War of The Five Kings and eliminating Ned Stark as an opponent.

Baelish also plotted with the Tyrells to poison Joffrey in order to place a more pliable King on the Throne in the form of Tommen Baratheon. He in turn was able to pin yet another murder on Tyrion Lannister and was even awarded the largest castle in the realm for gaining the Tyrells allegiance. He also become the rule of the Vale of Arryn by marrying Lysa Arryn. A moment you could have seen coming but was nonetheless shocking was when Baelish tells Lysa that he always loved only her sister before pushing her out the Moon Door to her death. He places her son Robert under his protection while he plans to eliminate the Lords who oppose him in the Vale.

This guy is cold, calculating and very smart. While political chaos reigns he makes power plays on the scale where no one even thinks twice about them. I think that by the time anyone realizes how much power he has amassed it will be too late to do anything about it.

Game of Thrones

Viserys Gets His Crown

Viserys is that rich guy in our world who lost all of his money and then walks around acting like people should still serve him and hand him everything. This little idiot didn’t realize by marrying his sister off to a barbarian Dothraki warlord that he really didn’t bring much to the table after that. Even so he still ran off at the mouth to his sister Daenerys’ new husband Khal Drogo and physically abused her in front of him, all the while still demanding his crown. Drogo then kept up his end of the bargain, pouring molten gold over Viserys’ head and killing him. I suppose you can’t call Drogo a liar. Good riddance to Viserys I say.

Game of Thrones I know there are many more scenes out there that everyone is anticipating and by all means comment below with your favorites! And don’t forget, A Dance With Dragons comes out in July this year!

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4 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Scenes From A Game Of Thrones – HBO”

  1. I believe RW is still the most anticipating anything in any series. But I’ve heard the producers talking about stopping the show there so it’ll be even more important and brutal and everything.


  2. I’ve just finished book 3 so I was very carefully reading each scene you described: my rule was “if the title doesn’t tell me anything, I’ll stop”. As it turns out though, all these scenes belong to books 1-3, so that makes me wonder: Is it true that book 4 is so bad that nothing interesting happens?


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