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8 New Character Posters for ‘The Hunger Games’

While movie posters aren’t exactly the most thrilling aspects of a film production, they can do loads for setting the tone and planting a seed in the minds of the public (See the wonderful District 9 posters, for example).¬†Particularly for upcoming movies that haven’t disclosed much footage yet, a poster can be all we have to get an idea of the direction a project is taking, and this is certainly the case with The Hunger Games film, which released a teaser that managed to show absolutely nothing in a minute and six seconds.

However we have been treated to a simply awesome motion poster for the movie in the past, and now we’ve been handed 8 new character posters that feel just perfect, and thank God because some of the casting decisions have seemed way out of left field. Sure, a still photo of a shadowy profile isn’t much to go on, but I never thought Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks or Lenny Kravitz would look right in their roles and yet here we are:

You can find all 8 of the new posters here at IMP Awards. I’m real excited for the Hunger Games trilogy, if you can’t tell.

What do you think of the secretiveness of this, or other movie productions? Like it? Hate it? Think it’s stupid to get all caught up in a picture?