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Psycho Girlfriend: Season 3 – Ep. 5

Time for another episode of ‘Psycho Girlfriend”. If you haven’t seen the others yet, don’t worry, you can get caught up…

– Psycho Girlfriend: Who does this ring true with? 
– Psycho Girlfriend: Season 3 – Ep. 4

So the show is now nearing an end with only a few episodes left, but so long as it’s on we’ll keep updating you on it.

Only a few episodes left, enjoy them!

Psycho Girlfriend: Season 3 – Ep. 4

Last month I posted an article about the internet show Psycho Girlfriend. (If you missed it, click HERE) At that point the show was up to Season 3, Episode 3. Well, good news. The 4th episode in Season 3 is now available. Check it out!

There you go, hope you enjoyed. I think there are only going to be 3 more episodes, but I’ll be sure to post them as they come out.

Psycho Girlfriend: Who Does This Ring True With?

Yesterday I stumbled across a series of videos. A lot of you may have already seen these as they started in 2009. But for anyone who hasn’t seen them – I thought they were great. What they are is a running web show, each episode averaging around 4 minutes or so, about a guy and his crazy-ass girlfriend.

Each season is 7 episodes, and they are currently in the middle of season 3.  They are made for Reckless Tortuga and distributed over YouTube. Reckless Tortuga has several other video series as well, but this was my favorite.

Lindsey Reckis plays Brandi, and she makes this things work, it’s the eyes. ANYHOW – Here is the first episode…

And for the rest of the episodes, you can find them by clicking the picture below…