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Dexter: Season 6 Finale – “This is the Way the World Ends”- SPOILERS AHEAD

The season finale for Dexter begins where the last episode left off; Dexter is in the lake where Travis left him. Lucky for Dex, a boat full of Cubans fleeing to America pull up and fish him out of the water, thus saving him from impending doom. Shortly after this, the boat’s captain decides to rob his passengers and Dexter is forced to harpoon him and dump the body overboard. Then, as the boat gets near the coast, they all abandon ship and swim up to the shore. USA! USA!

Dexter calls Jamie to pick him up and she has Harrison with her. Seeing the little man walking now is so crazy! Seems like just yesterday he was crying in a pool of Rita’s blood…

Travis is clearly getting a little impatient with his ending the world. He is yelling at dead bodies and braking random coffee tables (which breaks my heart, because I have yet to buy coffee tables for my house). Deb goes to visit Dexter because she was worried. They get called to a crime scene which is the house Travis was in, the dead couple still lying on the floor. Seeing Deb all hot and bothered by Dexter makes me laugh out loud. She is stumbling over her words and breathing all heavy when he walks by her. I understand… although it is creepy for her to want him growing up as his sister, he is the sexiest man she is around on a regular basis. As Travis pulls up to the house and sees that it is overrun by Miami Metro, he goes to Dexter’s home.

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The Dark Defender Will Strike For At Least Two More Seasons!

According to Screen Junkies, Showtime‘s best suspenseful crime-drama series Dexter will continue running for at least two more seasons. These upcoming additions will be season 7 and season 8 for the show.

Although the current season 6 is getting the highest ratings of any season of Dexter so far, there is still some skepticism as to how the show will remain relevant. The one main issue that I believe this show has is that you can’t get extremely attached to characters who are close to Dexter because somehow many of them die. I was devastated with the Rita situation. When all of that happened, I had nightmares for weeks. Now, when there is a character added to the show (Brother Sam, for example) I find myself detached and not caring much about them, because I know ahead of time that they are going to die. How much loyalty can a fan have in a show if they don’t necessarily care about the characters? I feel like if they had more consistent likeable cast members, I would be more hopeful about the upcoming seasons.

Backing my theory up:

Rita - DEAD
Brother Sam - DEAD

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 4 – “A Horse of a Different Color”

RECAP: This episode begins with Dexter attending Brother Sam’s baptism of Nick, one of his shop workers, at the beach. He has Harrison with him… who is adorable. Dexter gets a call from work to head to a crime scene.

In this crime scene, he sees that someone has put body parts together with mannequins and they are riding horses… the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. This is from the book of Revelations in the Bible. The new guy, Mike (Billy BrownLight’s Out), explains the links to the bible for the seven snakes and the four horsemen.

 Dexter talks to Brother Sam when he brings his car back into the shop. He tells Sam a little bit about the case he is working on. Deb has psyched herself out about the press conference she has to do about the murders. She BOMBS the interview.

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 2 – “Once Upon A Time” Review

The second episode of season six of Dexter “Once Upon a Time”, was basically a setup for the rest of the season. It was packed with delicious morsels of change. For instance, not only did Quinn propose to Deb Morgan, but SHE SAID NO! Since Quinn is my least favorite character, I didn’t want that kind of permanent tie into the show.

Also, little Harrison is pointing out Daddy’s little brown box. Dexter’s box for his blood slides has apparently been seen… by a two-year-old. Don’t worry… Dex got Harrison his own box for his toys. This is a sign, though, that he will be noticing every little thing Dexter does.

┬áDeb Morgan is Homicide’s new Lieutenant! Although Batista was expecting the position, Matthews gave the job to Deb. LaGuerta is always finding a way to be shady or make Matthews dislike her, and, as Batista said in the episode, he always ends up paying for it.

It is unfortunate, because Angel Batista is one of the coolest characters on Dexter. He is realistic. He has tried picking up a hooker, screwed up his marriage, and got framed by Ms. “Pardon my tits”. Nevertheless, Deb is now leading the department. She is slowly but surely becoming my hero.

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