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The World of the Homemade – Homemade Horror

Grizzly Bomb loves to showcase up and coming creators and in this new section called The World of the Homemade we highlight some of the pioneers of the low-budget and hand-crafted world of entertainment and collectables. This week focuses on creator and artist Gabe LaPeer. In 2011 Gabe created a small company called Homemade Horror and since then the project has expanded to an online store on Storenvy and a Facebook Page with exclusive updates and give-away prizes.

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#11 – Countdown to Halloween: THE STUFF

The Stuff is a wonderful B-movie-esque film. It was directed by Larry Cohen – who wrote and/or directed such films as Q: the Winged Serpent, Maniac Cop and the It’s Alive films – and stars Michael Moriarty (Troll).

It is about a strange white substance that some miners find bubbling from the ground. It tastes delicious and is subsequently marketed as a dessert, like ice cream. But it isn’t. It’s a living thing that takes over the minds of those that eat it, making then addicted to it, until it controls them completely – zombie like.

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#31 – Countdown to Halloween: TROLL

Troll – directed by John Carl Buechler (Friday the 13th Part VII) – was released in 1986.  It actually featured a relatively accomplished cast: Noah Hathaway (Battlestar Galactica & The NeverEnding Story) and Michael Moriarty (The Stuff) play father and son – ‘Harry Potter Sr.’ and ‘Harry Potter Jr.’

Also living in their building are Sonny Bono, Phil Fondacaro (Willow), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld), Brad Hall (SNL), and June Lockhart (Lost In Space). Not bad for a B movie…

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(Somewhat) Breaking Troll News! “Troll 3” Imminent!

Michael Stephenson is the director of Best Worst Movie, a documentary film about the making of the film Troll 2, which he was also the star of.

In a recent interview with Collider he talked a little about the oft rumored Troll 3 – or ‘Troll 2: 2’ as it should probably be called, seeing as how ‘Troll 2’ has no real connection with Troll, beyond the name.

Claudio Fragasso – the original Troll 2 director – has a script and is working with Italian producers in getting it financed. Plus they want all the original cast. This has apparently put Stephenson in a dilemma, as he says…

If someone writes a check and says, “Make this movie”, it’ll happen.  If Claudio was able to get Troll 2 made, I have every reason to believe he can make this happen, too.  I can absolutely understand why someone would be like, “Naturally!  Let’s make a sequel!”  But two, do I think it’s right to make a sequel?  No.  My feeling right now is, anything in addition to what he made is unnecessary.  I just don’t see…I guess my question is, why?

In other Troll news: John Carl Buechler – director of the original 1986 ‘Troll’ film – is set to remake Troll with a planned 2012 release date. It’s rumored it will star Harrison Bliss and Ali Lohan.