True Blood Season 4 Roundup – HBO’s Menagerie of Mythical Creatures

In the wake of Harold Camping‘s second failed rapture attempt, we can focus on something new and important to go on living for. Something right inside our television sets.  No, I’m not talking about Paula Abdul’s return to the small screen. I’m not talking about Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen to keep the dumbest show in history on the air.  I’m not even talking about the much-anticipated third season of Teen Mom.  I can only be speaking of one thing: Season Four of True Blood, HBO’s best vampire show!  A new promo trailer was released for the upcoming season, and I have some things to say about it.

First and foremost though, if you have not finished the third season, please do not continue reading unless you’re a whore for spoilers like I am…

When we last left our friends in Bon Temps, situations were a little dicey.  The political fate of the vampires is left uncertain, thanks to the rash actions of the lovelorn Russell Edington, former King of Mississippi. In a twist, Sookie learns that she is a fairy. Bill tries to murder Eric; who escapes to tell Sookie the truth behind the fateful night she met her lover, Bill. Sam comes out to Tara that he is a shape-shifter, and Lafayette learns that his new boyfriend – Jesus, is a witch. Hoyt cuts ties with his mother due to his relationship with Jessica, because she does not approve of him dating a vampire.  And Jason Stackhouse finds himself the leader of the inbred, poverty-stricken shape-shifters in Hot Shot.  This is a raunchy, supernatural soap opera that can only be found on True Blood!

This is the obligatory (Kronner Required) Jessica pic for this post.

Season four will focus on some new supernaturals: fairies and witches.  We’ve had vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, and even a maenad – it was only a matter of time before we came upon fairies and witches.  We will find out where Sookie went in the last scene of season three.  We will learn more about Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), who suddenly has all this free time since he was killed off on Southland.  We will see the building struggle of vampires’ attempts to be accepted in mainstream society and battle their oppression from the very vocal religious community.  And, God bless it, we better get some more of that Bill/Sookie/Eric love triangle that drags us in so deliciously.

I’m curious to see how this season will play out with the introduction of so many different types of creatures.  Sometimes I feel like True Blood tries to take on too much too fast and can tend to sacrifice good story telling for the sake of hitting all the hipster supernatural trends.  I hope this season focuses more on the political aspects of the vampires, rather than revolving so much on these new characters.

I like a fairy as much as the next person (though mentally, all I can do is picture Anna Paquin dressed up as Tinkerbell).  But there is so much meaty story-telling that can be done just with the characters that already exist.

I have an eerie feeling that much of the season will focus on this new coven that magically (pun intended) showed up in town.  While I thoroughly enjoy the show, there are only two different ways that this kind of story line could play out.  Either it will add to the intrigue of the overall story and characters (cross your fingers), or it will detract from it.  I’m really hoping the story will hearken itself to the first season with its engrossing mystery and nearly flawless story-telling, but this show can go either way. I have yet to re-watch season two purely based on the fact that the Maryann story arc makes me want to jam pencils in my eye sockets.

All things considered, I’m super amped for the new season.  I’m at least guaranteed well-written characters, a beautifully horrendous amount of gore, and that great production value I spend an extra $14 a month for.  And please, PLEASE, give Jason a story line this season that doesn’t turn my brain into applesauce! What did you think?

5 thoughts on “True Blood Season 4 Roundup – HBO’s Menagerie of Mythical Creatures”

  1. when i meet new people i ask them four questions.

    if they answer yes to any of them we can never be friends.

    are you an axe murderer?
    do you intend to rape me?
    are you anti-american, and if so, are you a terrorist?
    do you watch true blood?


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