WWE Monday Night Raw Review: June 6, 2011

Raw begins with the crowning of the Tough Enough champion Andy! This is quickly followed by Andy receiving a Stone Cold Stunner, by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

 As the actual show begins, R-Truth makes his way to the ring, where Stone Cold and Vince McMahon are waiting. R-Truth has been given the opportunity to earn a WWE championship opportunity at “Capitol Punishment,” by apologizing for his actions last week. R-Truth delivers a half-hearted apology for his actions, before Steve Austin calls him a jackass for dressing in costume. After R-Truth goes on about how the company is one big conspiracy, The Miz comes out to interrupt him. Miz comes out and says that he deserves another championship opportunity, but is quickly interrupted by Alex Riley. John Cena is quick to join the party going on inside of the ring as well. John Cena tells Miz to stop being a, “jack wagon” and get over himself.  Vince McMahon declares the main event on Raw a tag team match between John Cena and Alex Riley vs. R-Truth and the Miz, with special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Commercial Break…  

Santino Marella vs. Michael Mcgillicutty  

The match begins with Santino in control and then throwing Michael Mcgillicutty over the top rope. When Mcgillicuddy gets back in the ring he begins to gain control. The match continues as a back and forth war between the two, with a close pin fall by Mcgillicutty. Of Course we see David Otunga attempt to get involved and help his partner Mcgillicutty, but to no avail. The match concludes when Santino hits the cobra on Michael Mcgillicutty, and gets the pin fall.

Commercial Break

Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix vs. the Bella Twins

The match begins with Kelly Kelly in control of Nicki Bella, but momentum quickly shifts. With involvement by both Bellas, Kelly Kelly begins to have trouble keeping up with the pace of Nicki Bella. Kelly Kelly gets the tag and Beth Phoenix comes into the match, where she dominate the Bellas. Beth Phoenix ends the match with a face plant on the Bella involved in the match at the time, and gets the three count to finish the match for herself and Kelly Kelly.

 Commercial Break…

We come back to see Trish Stratus and Booker T having a conversation backstage. In an instant, Jack Swagger interrupts the two of them. Jack Swagger claims that Booker T isn’t tough enough, and challenges Booker to a match. Booker T is quick to accept Swagger’s challenge…

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio (Rematch from last week)

The match begins with Rey Mysterio in control, but not for long. The match is quickly taken to the outside of the ring, and once back in the ring Mysterio is still in control. The match continues, but with CM Punk in control for most of the bout. Mysterio spends most of the match on the defense and it appears that CM Punk may have this one in the bag yet again. Rey Mysterio fights back from the top turnbuckle and begins to gain a bit of control back before setting CM Punk up for a 619. However this attempt is interrupted and spoiled by Mason Ryan. Mysterio eventually gains back control and sets Punk up for a leg drop off of the top rope, which allows him to get the three count. Rey Mysterio thus avenges his loss from last week, with a victory over Punk tonight.

 After the match we see another mock press conference with Barack Obama and R-truth. This time R-truth questions Obama about his title shot at, “capitol punishment.” Overall, the skit this week was much more entertaining than the one we saw last week.

Backstage John Cena warns Alex Riley not to leave him hanging high and dry in their match tonight. He also expresses his distrust for Riley after the countless number of times Riley cost him the title.

Commercial Break…

Alberto Del Rio comes out to the arena, and says that he has been hearing a lot of slander by the WWE universe, and everybody has been calling him heathen (for what happened to the Big Show). He goes on to say that it was an accident. He then calls the Big Show out so he can apologize to him for what happened. After the Big Show doesn’t come out, Del Rio says that Show is afraid of him. However, after a couple minutes, a Big Show imposter comes out (who ends up being Del Rio’s personal ring announcer), and Del Rio is laughing hysterically. Once in the ring, Del Rio goes on to say that if the mock Big Show apologizes for the damage done to Del Rio’s car he will not charge him for the damage. After Del Rio makes a mockery of the situation, he tells the Big Show to not make him his enemy, or else he will get hurt.

Commercial Break…

Zack Ryder vs. Kofi Kingston

Ryder starts the match in control, but it gets taken away by a drop kick delivered by Kingston. Ryder regains control and with a vicious boot to the skull of Kingston in the corner of the ring, gains control again. The match enters that part of every match where there is a good five minutes of back and forth momentum. With his, ‘trouble in paradise” move, Kofi Kingston finishes Zack Ryder and wins the match. Overall, it was a very expected win for Kingston, even with Dolph Ziggler and Vicki Guerrero at ringside.

Backstage footage is then shown of the Miz and R-Truth conversing most likely about their game plan for the main event tag team match at the end of the show.

Commercial Break…

We come back to find out that a match has been scheduled for the, “Capitol Punishment” pay-per view between Alex Riley and the Miz.

Jack Swagger vs. Booker T

Any question about ring rust in Booker T is quickly answered as Booker T gains momentum inside the ring. However, the young Jack Swagger continues the match in solid control for most of the contest. However, once Booker regains control, Jack Swagger rolls out of the ring to gain control, and appears very frustrated. Jack Swagger then gives up the match by getting purposely counted out, and saying that he doesn’t need any of this. Evan Bourne, then comes from behind Jack Swagger on the entrance ramp and lures Swagger back into the ring. There Booker T is waiting to punish Swagger for giving up the match. After a double team on Swagger, Evan Bourne and Booker T do a double spin-a-roonie, and get the crowd going wild.

Commercial Break…

R-Truth & The Miz vs. John Cena & Alex Riley (SGR: Stone Cold Steve Austin)

John Cena and the Miz start the match, but Cena quickly tags in Riley after Riley demands it. The Miz quickly tags R-Truth into the match once he sees Riley get tagged in, wanting no part of his former apprentice. For the first part of the match it would appear that both R-Truth and The Miz want no part of their individual rivals on the other team. Riley and Cena seem to be in control of the match and Stone Cold seems to be calling this one right down the middle. We then cut to a commercial break but when we return to Raw we see The Miz in control of Alex Riley in the ring. Riley can’t seem to gain any long term control of the match against The Miz, and John Cena is pleading to Riley to tag him into the match. Stone Cold then gets aggressive with The Miz when he refuses to obey his commands as referee. Cena and Miz get tagged into the match and Cena, in typical Cena fashion, comes into the match on fire.

With all Hell breaking loose in the ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin delivers a Stone Cold stunner on Miz which Cena follows up with an attitude adjustment. Cena then covers Miz for the three count and the win. The anonymous general manager then sends an email that Michal Cole reads, that says that Stone Cold interfered in the match, therefore R-Truth and Miz win by disqualification. Furthermore, we learned that Stone Cold will be the special guest general manager next week for Raw. The show ends with Stone Cold giving Michael Cole a Stunner, and Cena following it up with an attitude adjustment. The two finish the evening with a good old fashioned Stone Cold beer bash.

Overall, it was a fantastic show, and possibly one of the best Monday Night Raw’s of the year.

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