DC Nu: Brand New #1’s – ‘Solo Heroes’

Welcome to the latest edition of Grizzly Bomb’s look at the DC Nu. It’s the ‘don’t call it a reboot’ reboot of 52 DC titles, all starting over at #1 (or getting their actual first issue, it’s a little confusing at times). So far Darth Saeris and myself have taken a look at the Batman titles, the Green Lantern titles, Superman, and the Teen Heroes of the DC Universe. And that puts us somewhere below half way done. This is epically huge and far-reaching, and news hits every day regarding the DCNu.

So personal feelings aside, which do involve excitement mixed with trepidation, I think DC has if nothing else, mastered the buzz level needed for this kind of undertaking. Everybody’s talking about this. And then on the flip side, everybody wonders what’s going on over at Marvel to match this. Well, we’ll talk about Marvel soon enough…

This edition we will be covering some of the more Solo heroes of the DCNu. Well, solo after the reboot, or during, sometime in the past, ongoing series, LeBron James…52…52…52…

Sorry, I blacked out. Oh right, covers of comics. Let’s do that. Once again, all series descriptions are from CBR.

Green Arrow #1

Oliver Queen is an orphan who grew up to fight crime as the Green Arrow, a billionaire playboy who uses his fortune to become a superhero – able to fight the most powerful super-villains in the universe with nothing but a bow and arrow. JT Krul will write GREEN ARROW #1 with art by superstar artist Dan Jurgens. The cover to issue #1 is by Brett Booth.

The Fury of Firestorm #1

Welcome to a major new vision of the Nuclear Man as writers Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone team up with artist Yildiray Cinar to deliver THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #1. Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond are two high school students, worlds apart – and now they’re drawn into a conspiracy of super science that bonds them forever in a way they can’t explain or control. The cover to issue #1 is by Ethan Van Sciver.

The Savage Hawkman #1

Batman writer Tony Daniel will team up with artist Philip Tan (GREEN LANTERN: AGENT ORANGE, THE OUTSIDERS) for THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN #1. Carter Hall’s skill at deciphering lost languages has led him to a job with an archeologist who specializes in alien ruins – but will the doctor’s latest discovery spread an alien plague through New York City? No matter the personal cost, Carter Hall must don his cowl and wings and become the new, savage Hawkman to survive. The cover to issue #1 is by Philip Tan.

Okay, Green Arrow is always badass. There’s no argument anyone can put up that would make me dislike Ollie. So that is pretty much all that needs to be said about that. I’m reading it.

Firestorm and Hawkman have both had successful ongoing series, but some major differences are evident. With Firestorm, we’ve never seen these two characters ‘combined’ in this way, and early talk at DC kept referring to this version of Hawkman as a ‘new’ Carter Hall, which would only add to the convoluted history of Hawkman. Or clean it up…again…. for like the third time…

Captain Atom #1

Captain Atom has all the power in the world, but no hope of saving himself. Charged by nuclear energy, possessing vast molecular powers, he has the potential to be a god among men – a hero without limits. But the question is this: Will he lose himself in the process? JT Krul and artist Freddie Williams II take the character in a bold new direction in CAPTAIN ATOM #1. The cover to issue #1 is by Stanley “Artgem” Lau.

Mister Terrific #1

The world’s third-smartest man – and one of its most eligible bachelors – uses his brains and fists against science gone mad in MISTER TERRIFIC #1, the new series from writer Eric Wallace and artist Roger Robinson. The cover to issue #1 is by J.G. Jones.

Animal Man #1

Buddy Baker has gone from “super” man to family man – but is he strong enough to hold his family together when Maxine, his young daughter, starts to manifest her own dangerous powers? Find out in ANIMAL MAN #1, the start of a dramatic new series by acclaimed writer Jeff Lemire and artists Travel Foreman and Dan Green.

Captain Atom has always been interesting, but not to the point where I would follow a solo series of him. So with a “bold new direction” promised I may check it out if my wallet provides. Mister Terrific in his first solo ongoing series is very interesting. It actually makes me feel like it’s an Iron Man/Tony Stark book, but infinitely cooler. And with less armor, cuz only poozers wear armor. Terrific has been great in the JSA (which is oddly vacant from the DC Nu), and Animal Man definitely benefited from his first reboot after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

DC Universe Presents #1

The anthology series gets a new look in DC Universe Presents, a new series that will focus on multi-issue story arcs each featuring a different superhero from the DC Universe’s rich cast of characters, told by some of comics’ most exciting writers and artitsts. DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #1 kicks off the first arc of the series: a Deadman story by Paul Jenkins and Bernard Chang. The cover to issue #1 is by Ryan Sook.

Grifter #1

Ex-black ops agent Cole Cash is a charming grifter that few can resist. And yet he’s about to be branded a serial killer when he begins hunting and exterminating inhuman creatures hidden in human form – creatures only he can see. Can the biggest sweet talker of all time talk his way out of this one when even his brother thinks he’s gone over the edge? Find out in GRIFTER #1, written by Nathan Edmondson with art by CAFU and BIT (the team behind T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS).


A man loses control of his life as the omnipresent Brother Eye transforms him against his will into a powerful killing machine OMAC #1, written by DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio and co-written and illustrated by Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish.

The anthology series will be a great way to cover a lot of the heroes ‘left behind’ in the DCNu, and Deadman is a killer choice to start it off. Grifter makes his DC Debut (I think?), and it’s a far cry from his WildC.A.T.S. days. This is only one of the new ongoing series featuring some of DC’s 52 universes, the other being Static Shock, and a few more we will tell you about in future editions. And finally OMAC, who has been a part of DC in one incarnation or another for a long, long time. And I haven’t really read any of them…

And does it for this edition. Lots more to come from the DCNu with a look at some more team books, Supernatural books, some War, some Western. Damn there are a lot of new #1’s coming out…

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