THE THING (2011) – Pictures, Posters, and the Trailer…

One of my all-time favorite Horror/Sci-Fi movies is without a doubt, 1982’s The Thing (inspired by 1951 original). Directed by horror legend John Carpenter, the movie starred a rare all male cast that included Kurt Russell, Keith David (They Live), and Richard Masur (License to Drive).

And of course, Wilford Brimley.

It was about a group of American scientists in Antarctica, shut off from the world, and confronted by an other worldly danger. It’s was free of CGI and chalk-full of awesome old school effects. The movie was a great example of an excellent ensemble cast and had awesome tension though-out. It is, to date, what I consider to be Kurt Russell’s finest performance.

Now we are about to get a some more back story on the classic. 2011’s The Thing not be a remake as originally thought, but will be a prequel to the 80’s version. This time  chronicling what happened in the week prior to the events of the original. It will take place at the Norwegian base from which ‘the thing’ came from in the form of a dog last time.

I’ve been curious to see what they were gonna do with this, and I am admittedly pleased  it’s in fact a prequel instead of a remake. And bonus – I like the cast. Namely, the star, our inaugural Grizzly Girl – Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Anyhow, here is the trailer…

Personally, I don’t think the trailer was great, but my interest remains peaked. Aside from Mary, I also really like Eric Christian Olsen (Community) despite his mostly terrible resume, and Joel Edgerton (upcoming Warrior) shows promise.

Here are some production shots…

The new poster looks a lot like the old one…

And a BONUS, for those who haven’t seen it…

and DOUBLE BONUS – The movie that inspired that one…

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