Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 110 – The Clinic

The Clinic had the best cast yet. That is the thing that really made this one of my favorites. Not only do we get ‘Dr. The Tall Man’, but also Kim Bauer’s kidnapper – Rick. Oh Rick, you haven’t gotten any smarter have you…

In this episode our boy Rick Logan gets sick and goes to see the creepiest doctor ever – The Tall Man Dr. Chandler who tells him he has some disease we’ve never heard of and the only treatment is a clinic in Mexico. Rick Logan doesn’t want to go to Mexico though because – I don’t know, he’s racist or he doesn’t like tacos or whatever, but his girlfriend keeps pushing him to do it. Eventually he has another “episode” and passes out. When he awakens he finds himself checked into the Mexican clinic.

Once admitted into the clinic there are no visitors allowed, so his girlfriend leaves and Logan is stuck there. Not to fear though as he quickly makes friends and starts the road to recovery! He also learns that everyone there is adopting. That’s odd…

Dr. Bitchface talks to her patients: Lindsey, Logan, and Doug.

So treatments start with Dr. Marlowe (or as I called her – Dr. Bitchface) and Logan starts to feel better. As he makes friends he hears strange stories about how people who get healthier disappear. That’s weird right?  Also, Doug tells us about his ‘bang nurse’…

So despite his improved health, the doc won’t let him check out and just as he’s thinking about bolting to see his GF, she dumps him. BOOM, roasted. Luckily for him, Lindsey (Gingerdead Man) has the hots for him and they make a trip to the ‘bang closet’…

This is how they celebrate the disappearance of Doug!

The next day, Lindsey is taken into surgery, and Dr. Marlowe once again is suffering from a severe case of ‘Bitchface’. Somebody get that woman some chocolate or something – STAT!

Well, predictably the Tall Man wasn’t to be trusted and SURPRISE. It was not a coincidence that all the patients are adopted. As it turns out they are being harvested for their organs by THEIR BIRTH PARENTS!!! Dun Dun DUH!!

Lindsey awakens on an operating table and her and Logan attempt to escape. They find Doug’s dead body before taking Dr. The Tall Man hostage and nearly getting out…

Nearly. But then Dr. Bitchface and the Bang Nurse show up with Logan’s GF. And she needs his help.

So being the sweetheart he is, Rick Logan drops the gun to save his beloved Jessica – who in turn laughs at him. “Oh Logan, haven’t you guessed who was poisoning you?” So in one fell swoop, while thinking with his dick, Logan condemed both Lindsey and himself to ‘Death by Involuntary Surgery’ and to rub it in, right before he dies, Jessica tells him she never had feelings for him at all. What a sweet girl…

I really liked this episode. Great cast, good looking chicks, and Doug was quite likable before he died. I’m awarding 4 Bears. Boom.

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