Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.03 – “Palestinian Chicken” Review

After last weeks touchy subject of battered women, Larry David this week takes on the holy war between Israel and Palestine. After a golf outing, in preparation for a tournament that is upcoming, Larry and Jeff decide to pop over to a local Palestinian chicken place. Larry takes note of the many Palestinian posters that are a little anti-semitic, but that doesn’t deter our Jewish friend from taking a liking to a very gorgeous Palestinian woman at the restaurant.

After arriving for the pre-tournament dinner, Larry accidentally bumps into his friend Ron’s Lexus. This is Ron who has the wife who completely owns him as we get to see briefly. At dinner there is a bit of an uproar over the opening of a second Palestinian chicken joint nearby a Jewish deli. Marty and a couple others call for it to be moved a few blocks away and decide to join a rally to protest the opening of the chicken joint. This definitely brings up fond *insert sarcasm* memories of last years uproar over the Muslim Youth Center being built in New York.

One part of the show brought up a personal pet peeve of mine, what with people voicing ‘LOL’ instead of actually laughing. Ron’s wife continuously does it during dinner, and the next day he offers to pay for the repairs of his car if Larry will confront his wife and tell her how retarded it is to say ‘LOL’.

One of the funniest parts of the show was Marty Funkhouser’s mid life crisis and becoming a super Jew, wearing his yam-aka all the time and being anti Palestinian chicken. Larry and Jeff do convince him to try the chicken, but want him to take the yam-aka off which Funkhouser refuses to do and leaves to the applause of all the Palestinians watching from the restaurant. The woman from before, Shara, finds Larry very attractive and before long they are knocking boots back at his house. Marty enters Larry’s house to let him know something but is greeted by the sounds of Shara telling Larry she will “f–k the Jew out of him.” Effin’ classic.

The episode took a little while to pick up but it definitely all tied together at the end like every Curb episode and the results were hilarious. I also like that they are including Sammie (Jeff and Susie’s Daughter) in the episodes more. She’s been on the show since the beginning and she’s been a great addition ever since. I loved the part where she blackmailed Larry and called him a bald prick.

I give the episode 2.5 out of 5 bears.

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