Comic-Con International ’11 – The Panels!

I have to say, I’ve covered Comic-Con before (by covered I mean read about and reported), and while it was always a great place to get news regarding the various superhero movies out there, I am a little floored by the sheer amount of news already out there. And it’s not even at the halfway point. Well, maybe the halfway point.

So what do I have for you today? Panels. A buttload of panels for movies, comics, TV, everything. We already told you about the Dexter panel and showed you the trailer, but here’s a few more, by few I mean a lot, and by a lot I mean settle in and get comfortable. I’ll try to throw some other stuff in here and there as well. I’ll start off with a show we’ve been following pretty heavily here on Grizzly Bomb.

The Game of Thrones Panel – (MTV Geek)

During the panel they talk to the cast and the writer of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin. Lena Headey, Jason Mamoa and Peter Dinklage were some of the cast on hand to answer questions. They talk a little about the DVD/Blu-Ray of the first season, but not a lot of news regarding season 2.

The DCNu New 52 Panel – (MTV Geek)

Fresh off the Flashpoint panel, DC creators talk about the upcoming DCNu, including answering questions from fans and a look at some of the new series coming out. There’s some cool artwork from Wonder WomanCaptain Atom, and Green Arrow at the link.

There’s a little bit more of the highlights from the panel over at GothamKnightsOnline.

DCNu Justice League Panel – (CBR)

This panel took a more in-depth look into the various members of the new Justice League and their respective series. Savage Hawkman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and many others are discussed. Also some fan questions and costume discussions.

DCNu’s Superman Panel – (CBR)

Superman is easily one of the characters most affected by the DC Reboot. The panel goes on to explain the difference between Action Comics and Superman, Lois and Clark separated, and tons more. Also talks about the new Superboy and Supergirl series, as well as Superman: Earth One, Volume 2.

If you’re a Superman fan then you need to check out this panel.

The Grant Morrison Panel – (MTV Geek)

Yep. Morrison gets his own panel. Why? Because he’s awesome. This is basically a fan Q & A, so if you’re a fan of Morrison, click away.

The DC Direct Panel – (MTV Geek)

DC Direct has long been known for making some of the best story based action figures. So it’s no surprise that they are on the ball when it comes to some kick ass DCNu figures. Check out Supes in his new costume and Batman in his, as well as some cool looks at Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern at the link.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Panel

w/ Conan O’ Brien? – (CBR)

This panel starts off like many others, and gives us a little information about the upcoming Green Lantern: The Animated Series, which is an animated series… about Green Lantern. But then all hell breaks loose as Conan O’ Brien steps on stage to promote his Bruce Timm drawn character The Flaming C. Hilarious.

Amazing Spider-Man and his Avenging Friends 

– (MTV Geek)

This panel pretty much tells the story of the upcoming Spider-Island epic from Marvel. Who gets spider-powers, and where some of the other Marvel characters fit in. It also takes the time to check in on all the other Spidey books, including The Avenging Spider-Man, as well as some of the other street level heroes like Daredevil and Punisher.

The Amazing Spider-Man Panel – (CBR)

This panel obviously covered a lot of questions regarding the upcoming movie. it also gave fans their first look at the Lizard, what influenced their version of the Spidey costume, and more from the films cast and crew. You can also check out a Q & A from the cast here.

On an even more humorous note, Rhys Ifans was issued a ‘citation’ for having a disturbance with security backstage. I like to think of my Rhys Ifans as being the Welsh kicker from The Replacements, so this kind of behavior works for me. You can read more about the ‘alleged’ incident over at Spinoff Online.

Since we are on the topic of Spidey, here’s a teaser poster spotted at the con, and it features… Spider-man’s back. With a pretty intricate spider design, brought to us by Splashpage:

Okay, that’s enough reading. How about some videos?

Original Opening for Superman Returns 

– (GammaSquad)

Check out Bryan Singers original opening for Superman Returns, which apparently cost $10 million and was never used. Instead they went with a bunch of flashing lights and space stuff. Good call, Warner Bros.

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror Trailer Debuts 

– (GammaSquad)

The trailer for what was originally supposed to be a Batman vehicle for Miller has popped up at Comic-Con, only there’s no Batman and it’s not involved with DC. Uh… what?

New Gotham City Imposters Trailer – (GammaSquad)

This is easily the only video game out there that will allow you to dress like a bat character and go on a FPS rampage across Gotham City. So with pleasure I bring you the new trailer for the downloadable Gotham City Imposters. Enjoy.

And that’s it for today! I’ll have more Con News for you tomorrow, and if there’s anything else you want to check on now you can check out CBR’s full coverage here, where they go pretty in-depth, because they are actually there and junk.

See you tomorrow!

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