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Wonder Woman Updates and Casting News, And Why We Won’t See Lynda Carter

It’s been a couple of months since we checked in on Wonder Woman, and with her recent debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seemed like the perfect time to see how things were going with her 2017 solo feature.

Back in January we were treated to some snippets, but we haven’t seen much since then. That is until Warner Bros. (through Entertainment Weekly) released a new promotional shot of the Amazons…

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First Wonder Woman Footage Spearheads Cast, Plot

Hey, Wonder Woman fans, remember last year? 2015 was scarce in news of the Amazing Amazon’s first feature-length movie. We covered here at Grizzly Bomb the available info at the time: Chris Pine of Star Trek fame is Wondy’s love interest Steve Trevor; actors Sean Bean and Eva Green were rumored as possible villains; and Lord of the Rings‘ Cate Blanchett was auditioning for…something.

Flash forward a couple of months, and into early 2016. Talk about a night and day difference. The amount of teaser information is almost as overwhelming as the Amazon herself.

First Gal Gadot, who plays the warrior princess of Paradise Island / Themyscira, shared one of the first images from the movie.

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New Batman v Superman Character Posters Showcase DC’s Trinity!

Three brand new posters have been released today, focusing on ‘the Trinity’ as they are known to most comic fans. Each poster features a new look at our main characters with their individual iconography to tease the film, which is still way too many months away.

The character posters show Henry Cavill as Superman looking damp and angry, with Ben Affleck in his Armored Bat Suit looking to sell mad toys, and Wonder Woman fully armed and ready to take the female superhero world by storm. You can check out the posters below after the jump.

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Marvel And DC Collectibles Geared Up For 2015! Batgirl, Groot, and the Secret Wars!

They say knowledge is power and in the case of collectors that is certainly the case. With the foresight that comes from pre-order release dates, no fan need ever worry again about missing the release of a treasured piece of memorabilia.  DC is by far the best at this particular market tactic and they’ve already given us a look at some of the releases that will be winging their way to specialist stores in 2015. Below is a list of a few that have taken Grizzly Bomb’s fancy.

DC Entertainments Black and White series continues to impress, with a huge range and variety of choice in sculpt designs available to the consumer.  Included in the collection this time around is a superb sculpting of Barbara Gordon Batgirl statue (in her Batgirl issue 35 gear). More commonly known as the Batgirl of Burnside, it presents a more modern take on the Batgirl costume. The figure sculpt is by artist Irene Matar (Batman: The Animated Series action figures) who has done a great job of keeping the Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr original design style. It is due to ship in September 2015 (price to be announced).

Joining her we have a Dave Johnson inspired piece with a limited run of 5,200. It is due for release on March 2015. Then we have Ivan Reis take on the Dark Knight coming out in June 2015 and the incredible looking Mike Mignola Batman design, which comes in August 2015, all priced at $79.95.

There are many more DC releases that may be of interest to collectors, like the Wonder Woman: Art of War statues by Tony Daniel and Cliff Chiang, showing two different Wonder Woman designs, both ready for battle. They are both priced at $79.99 and arrive on May and February 2015 respectively.  More entries into the Jim Lee comic book busts collection are coming are way to with Deathstroke and Nightwing each making an appearance (both $49.99 and coming in February and June).

Finally there is the dynamic duo of crime; The Joker and Harley Quinn, each coming in July of next year.  What makes Harley’s figure that extra bit special is the fact she is decked out in her roller derby gear from her new 52 series. The design work (based on the Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin series) is spot on and will complement nicely the dark, knife wielding Joker figure.

marvel dc collectibles harley quinn marvel dc collectibles joker

If you cannot wait to get your DC freak on, then you can always pick up a life-sized batman utility belt from $299.95.

marvel dc collectibles batman belt 1

Marvel never seems to be as on the ball as DC are with regards to advanced orders. This may be due to the wide array of figure creators working under the Marvel umbrella, making it slightly more difficult to track their new products down. Still there are a few pieces of interest coming in 2015. One of the more interesting sets is the oversized return of an old Marvel figure line; Secret Wars. These 12 inch figures are based on the old sculpts from the ’80s and are just quirky enough for collectors to take interest. I myself owned the Hobgoblin figure in my youth, so it’s a nice surprise to see it reappear. Joining him will be the black suited Spider-Man and two other figures in the near future (one of which looks to be Wolverine). These will be coming via Gentle Giant Limited around for summer 2015, and will roughly retail for about $89.99. The backing itself certainly harkens back to the figures that were released originally and it’s a nice retro touch by Gentle Giant.

Also appearing in 2015 (February) will be the anticipated dancing Groot bobble head figure which Marvel fans have been salivating for ever since he appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  From Pop! Vinyl it has the same trademark cuteness you would expect from that brand and will retail for about $12.99. Entertainment Earth has an exclusive variant version of this as well as a variant version of the dancing Groot mug (also coming in 2015 at $14.99).

marvel dc collectibles dancing groot 1 marvel dc collectibles dancing groot 2

But if you cannot wait until 2015, then Marvel has a ton of collectible content out there already. Here is a sneak peek at a few of them. My personal favorite is the Egg Attack War Machine ($79.99) figure just for the fact it looks so darn cute and it lights up too! But for great sculpt likeness it has to be a tie between the extremely menacing Green Goblin life-sized bust ($599.50 and limited to 300) or the positively revolting Zombie Magneto mini bust ($99.95 and limited to 5000).

As this year draws to an end and comic fans far and wide look forward to what delights 2015 will have to offer us, it is comforting to know that if nothing else, we will have these new collectibles to look forward to.

Images: DC Collectibles, Pop! Vinyl, Gentle Giant LTD,  Entertainment Earth, Sideshow Collectibles, Egg Attack.


Game of Throne’s Michelle MacLaren Tapped To Direct Wonder Woman

A power house behind fan favorites like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, Michelle MacLaren has been chosen to develop and direct the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. The stand alone project is set for a 2017 release and staring Gal Gadot, who will debut the role in 2016’s  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Continue reading Game of Throne’s Michelle MacLaren Tapped To Direct Wonder Woman

Warner Bros. Releases DC Film Slate, Ten Movies Coming By 2020

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara spoke at their annual investors meeting, where he revealed a little more about the studio’s plans for their DC Comic properties. Those plans consist of ten movies being released from 2016 to 2020, and include the confirmation of a few things we already suspected.

The slate goes as follows:

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Wonder Woman Lets Loose In This New Fan Film

You have to feel sorry for Wonder Woman. Aside from a great TV run in the ’70s, she really has struggled to make it back onto the screen. Films pitches have resulted in zero success, and TV pilots have come and gone without so much as a whimper.

So, we turn to the fans to make Wonder Woman come to life, and thus far we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much better they are than the big budget attempts. This must be because of the heart and soul that goes into these projects. In August we talked about First Impressions, which had to be the most emasculating first date ever.

Now we’ve got another interpretation of the character, starring Team Unicorn’s Rileah Vanderbilt as the Princess herself. With an obvious passion for the product,  just read what director Sam Balcomb has to say about this new release.

[quote] Firstly, thanks for watching. Whether you like, or dislike, our live action interpretation of Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, born of clay, I think (quite a few of) you will agree she is a character just as vital and crucial to our understanding of humanity as any other superhero… if not more so.

We spent the majority of 2013 working on this — the look, the feel, the aspects we most wanted to portray. It’s a scant two and half minutes, but in the end, it’s one hundred and fifty seconds of pure fantasy, where I get to consider the two sides of my favorite warrior: a crusader in man’s world, and a paragon of virtue told through Greek mythology.

It’s a fun world to hang out in. I hope you enjoy it. [/quote]

Here is the finished product and it looks incredible

Wonder Woman certainly looks the part; in fact I don’t think she has ever looked better. They managed to make a suit that conforms to the comic book ideals of the character, looks practical and also showcases her sexuality all in one go. The narrative is fantastical, constructed jumping from Paradise Island with her fellow Amazons, then straight to the down and dirty streets where some thugs get their just deserts. It shows how Wonder Woman (like Superman) is a child of two lands. It is also great to watch her kick some serious backside.

The effects are great, and the CGI Minotaur monsters look particularly stunning. In fact the only downside to this is that it’s so short it leaves you craving more of this Wonder Woman. Hopefully the group responsible for this short will give us more exploits of the Amazonian Princess very soon.

[box_dark]Starring: Rileah Vanderbilt, Clare Grant, Alicia Marie, America Young, Kimi Hughes, Christy Hauptman
Director of Photography: Andrew Finch
Key Grip: Duy Nguyen
1st AC: Nick Roney
Gaffer: Ryan Walton
Stunt Coordinator: Surawit Sae Kang
Stunt Team: Surawit Sae Kang, Joe Perez, Billy Bussey, Jason Brillantes, Kerry Wong
Costume Designer: Heather Greene
Costumer: Sarah Skinner
Consultant: GoldenLasso.net
Hair & Makeup: Anissa Salazar Assistant: Yulitzin Alvarez
Music & Sound Design: Jeff Dodson Vocalist: Raya Yarbrough Sound Mastered at: Runsilent
Editor: Jesse Soff
Visual Effects Supervisor: Sam Balcomb
Compositors: Jason Schaefer & Nick Viola
Producer: Jesse Soff
Directed by: Sam Balcomb [/box_dark]

Wonder Woman

Also be sure to read Unknown Fan Films for even more information on rare and up coming features like this.

First Impressions: Fantastic Short Film Featuring A Long-Awaited DC Character

While DC languishes about 10 miles behind Marvel Studios in their film department, with nothing to really hang their hat on other than Nolan’s The Dark Kight Trilogy, a little ingenuity from choreographer Leo Kei Angelos and writer George Ruiz has really injected some life into a famous DC property. This is definitely needed after disappointing forays into what should have been blockbuster properties. First we dealt with the miserable excuse for a Green Lantern film, and a Man of Steel movie that was so dark and full of unnecessary CGI that it can’t be classified as anything other then 2013’s Most Disappointing Film. Granted, Superman expectations were raised to unattainable heights by that epic last trailer, but the Boy Scouts origin was just way too dark.

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