More Helpings of ‘True Blood’ – HBO Signs on for Season Five

True Blood fans, rejoice!  Creator Alan Ball has announced that the hit HBO series will continue for a fifth season under his own executive producer-ship.  Rumor has it that HBO has signed the series on for more than one continuing season, Alan Ball only agreeing to be at the helm for one more (though he may decide to continue his run).

Ball also stated that he and his team have several ideas being bounced around for the next season, including an origin story about one of the vampires.  Many people seem to think that we will get more of Pam’s story, which he hinted to at Comic-Con.  That and we have origin stories banked for Bill, Eric, and Jessica; so she’s really the next obvious choice.

This news has brought me hope, a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  If you’ve read my reviews, you’ll know that I haven’t been overly impressed by the fourth season.  In fact, the series as a whole has become more and more underwhelming since the first season.  This gives them a chance to redeem themselves and make the series good again.  However, there’s also the chance that True Blood will just continue its nose-dive and become another Heroes, a series that never lived up to its freshman season.

My fear is that of predictability.  New seasons on True Blood usually mean a new mythical beast to be added to the bevy of already existing creatures.  Another person to keep track of, another story line to be added to the ever-growing pile, a more pronounced form of television script-writing A.D.D.  And really, how many mythical beasts are there left to cover?  Phoenixes?  Griffins?  Centaurs?  Nymphs?  Or are these all too similar to creatures we’ve already seen before?  I wish they’d just start killing off people that we don’t need anymore that seem to have dead-end stories.  Like Tommy.

Now, I haven’t read the True Blood books.  Maybe I should.  Maybe it would prevent me from picturing the creative team using a folklore dictionary to pull out random ideas of what they haven’t covered yet.  Stories need to happen organically, they can’t be forced and they can’t be scattered.  To those who just want to watch a good story, it feels like Alan Ball is a collector, and his object is weird creatures and boring characters.  Sometimes I wish he would just collect stamps.  If he can’t make this show better, I hope he does move aside after season five and let someone else have a try.

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