Grizzly Review: 30 Minutes or Less

Up for a movie about one of the most ingenious criminal plans of all time? Then get in there and see 30 Minutes or Less, but I must warn you; Shut your brain off along with your cell phone before the movie starts, because it’s a long profanity laden ride. The dialogue definitely drives the movie, but not in the Tarantino way. Think about it, you’ve got Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari and Nick Swardson spouting off one liners all movie long! But come to think of it none of them were particularly memorable. Plus everything Danny McBride says is funny so it’s hard to keep track.

So I’ll give you  rundown and the things that drive our characters to the madness they get up to in the movie. First off there is Nick played by Jeese Eisenberg, who is fairly unremarkable in this movie. As Dr. Kronner said he’s basically a poor man’s Michael Cera which I’m pretty sure is impossible but you understand the comparison. Being a poor man’s anything is terrible, especially when it involves Michael Cera…. but we’re off topic so let’s continue. Nick is an out of highschool pizza delivery guy living the dream as his forbidden girlfriend Kate is about to go onto bigger and better things. Why is she forbidden? Because she is his best friend Chet’s twin sister. And she is played in all of her hotness by Dilshad Vadsaria. I’ve tried and cannot make that name sound attractive though.

Dilshad Vadsaria as Kate

Chet is played awkwardly but hilariously by Aziz Ansari. After a best friend blowout occurs between the two, Nick spills the beans about Kate and the two-part no longer friends… for now. That’s when Nick falls into the twisted web of retarded plans that belong to Dwayne. (Danny McBride)

The guys buying their rape kit… I mean bank robbing kit!

I’m going to tell you what Dwayne’s master plan is because it’s just that effin’ awesome. It won’t take away from the movie, unless you considered something this stupid as a spoiler. Dwayne and his best friend Travis (Swardson) are morons who blow up watermelons with C4 for fun and one of the old Friday the 13th movies in 3D in their spare time. Dwayne’s father, the Major (Fred Ward), is understandably hateful towards his son who is definitely over forty and a complete bum still living with him. But then Dwayne has an idea…. or one he expands on from a stripper starting. One way to get his dad’s lotto winnings is to have him killed. He then plans to have his father killed, but to pay the hitman (Michael Pena) he has to force someone to rob a bank for him. Once his father is dead and the hitman paid off then Dwayne and Travis can start a tanning salon that will be the perfect front for a prostitution ring. Way to dream big guy. Though in Dwayne’s defense the Tanny Glover is ingenious! The rest of the movie involves Nick’s quest to rob a bank and get off the exploding vest Dwayne and Travis put on him to do their bidding.

I won’t spoil anymore of the movie, but I’ll say it’s definitely worth a watch. Nothing extremely memorable but if you’ve got nothing going on during a Tuesday night and a couple friends are willing to go with you then by all means go for it. Low expectations will do wonders for you going into this one. I give it 2.5 out of 5 bears. Nothing great, but definitely worth some laughs.

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