It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 7, Episode 1 – ‘Frank’s Pretty Woman’ Premiere Review

When someone pukes fake blood all over a woman in the back of a limo, and that isn’t the most outrageous moment of the episode, it has to be Always Sunny. The gang is back and they’re as big as ever – mostly because Mac got fat. But it’s just nice to have our favorite bar owners back…

For their triumphant return the gang focuses on their romantic side as Frank announces his intentions to propose to his favorite hooker Roxy. Roxy is played to a T by one of television’s most underrated actresses Alanna Ubach. Ubach has popped up in a lot of good shows over the last few years like Men of a Certain Age, Friday Night Lights, and Hung.

Dee decides she is gonna give Roxy the ‘Pretty Woman’ treatment and try to make her more presentable. It doesn’t go so well.

Mac’s weight gain prompted a pretty solid trip to the Doctor’s office where we find out that not only does Mac have diabetes, but Dennis is woefully unhealthy himself. Mac’s diabetes should prove to be a storyline all season.

The best part of the episode though had to be, hands down, the date Charlie sets up for Frank. I won’t ruin all the details that lead to this, but lets just say this week’s biggest laughs were spawned by Charlie’s fake blood vomit…

That whole scene was classic, with Charlie doing his Texan voice from the Season 3 premiere 2nd part of the season 4 premiere – The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis. The episode comes to a close however when Frank proposes to Roxy and her heart explodes as she drops dead in front of everyone. In classic ‘Sunny’ fashion they drag her body into the hall and head to the bar.

3/5 Bears.

Not the best premiere ever, but it looks to be a promising season ahead…

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