DC Comics Review: Batgirl #1 – New 52!

Of all the new DC titles relauching, this is the one I was most curious about. How were they gonna get Barbara Gordon out of the wheelchair and not destroy the impact of The Killing Joke? Well, I read it and I have to say, I can’t complain. It’s 3 years later and the effects of the bullet Joker put in her spine are still being felt. She is freshly out of her chair, and out of Jim’s house. The much younger Barbara is trying to get back into the swing of things as Batgirl, but remains a little rusty.

 In the issue Babs is forced to deal with sadistic home invaders who like to kill the fine folks they rob. She handles them ok for the most part, but the real intrigue is the mysterious ‘man with the list’. This guy has, you guessed it – a list. And on said list are a bunch of names of people he intends to kill. Barbara Gordon’s name is on that list.

I liked Sayf Ardian art a lot, and the story was mostly standard fare, filled with some not overly inspired punching bag villains and an annoying new roommate, but I like seeing Babs young and able bodied again. I’m curious to see where they take it and I enjoyed it enough to jump aboard for another issue at least. I’d give it a solid 3.5/5.

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