Ringer: Season 1, Episode 2 – “She’s Ruining Everything” Review

Tonight continued the Slayer’s return to television, playing both sides of a coin that equally flawed on either end. Bridget the ex-drug addict on the run from the law, and Siobhan is the socialite turned to the dark side after the loss of her son (we assume).

In last week’s premiere we got all the classic ‘noir’ themes – stolen identities, fake suicides, frame jobs – all we’re missing is a P.I. with a fedora. But here we are, with the story going deeper and deeper. At the end of last we learned that Siobhan’s (obviously) fake suicide was just an elaborate plan, knowing her sister would steal her identity, and deflecting the danger her own life was in.

Now this week, Bridget, after killing her assailant last week decides the best thing to do is to run, so she goes to the bank and clears out her sister’s account. This throws a real wrench in Siobhan’s plans, which are still a mystery to us. Also, we still don’t know who Siobhan keeps talking to on the phone, but we do know that she wants Bridget dead so that people will think it’s her.

Bridget meanwhile is starting to fit into Siobhan’s life. Being nice to her husband, breaking things off with her lover, and bonding with her step daughter. The role reversal is actually starting to work out. You know, for everyone other than Bridget’s AA sponsor that is, as he is being watched by the man who Bridget was going to testify against.

While still not great, I thought this week built nicely on the premiere and I’m willing to give it another week or two to really get moving.

3/5 Bears.

 I will say though, the part where she was hiding the body, and the trunk started to bleed, and then ring…reminded me of an episode of I Love Lucy or something. And that’s not a good sign for a thriller…

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