#14 – Countdown to Halloween: ERNEST SCARED STUPID

Alright, so I’m an over-thinker. All of the articles that I’ve written for The G-Bomb have been over-intellectualized, self-indulgent pieces hoisting my awareness of some impressive sounding words, and a mild knowledge of whatever is on Netflix. So here’s a curve ball: I love Ernest P. Worrell.

Yes, the “You know what I mean, Vern?” Ernest P. Mother Flippin’ Worrell.

Here’s a synopsis of the not-so-classic Halloween flick:

One Halloween night, dimwitted Ernest P. Worrell unintentionally unlocks an evil troll named Trantor from his confinement in a spell-bound tree. Trantor begins stealing children…because he’s an asshole.

Ernest and his side-kick Kenny can’t get anyone to believe that there is a troll on the loose, especially the adults. So, as is the case with every Ernest movie, Ernest is the only one who can save the day. Good thing trolls don’t like milk.

This movie has its moments of actual comedy, like my favorite line:

“How about a bumper sandwich, Boogerlips!?”

Note to self: Call more people ‘Boogerlips’.

Besides some authentic laughs (a falling number as I get older and crankier), this movie is good for watching with some like-minded friends over beverages of your choice, because there is just so much to make fun of.

However, I will always defend the good-natured Jim Varney (1949-2000). While I won’t be as audacious to say he was a “comic genius”, but he certainly was good at one character, and stuck with it. You’ve got to respect that.

And how about this one:  The one and only Eartha Kitt plays the creepy and mysterious Old Lady Hackmore. Is she a witch? Is she a savior? Is she Cat Woman? I must know! Also, thanks to IMDB for this little fact:

“The Chiodo Brothers are credited with Special Effects for this film, who also made the 1988 cult film Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Look for Trolls in the finale that resemble Klowns, as well as the same spinning death effect.”

Glorious! I need to go watch it. Where’s my Netflix queue? A nostalgic 2 out of 5 Great Pumpkins.

 For more of the Countdown – Click it here!

Later Boogerlips.

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