#12 – Countdown to Halloween: SLEEPAWAY CAMP

The 1980s aren’t exactly what you would call a ‘Golden Era’ in Horror Cinema. In fact, it wouldn’t be totally unfair to call it the decade that killed entire genre’s reputation. The 1970s gave us some of the scariest films ever made. Then the 80s followed, filled with cheaply made films and unimaginative sequels fueled by a new Direct-to-Video market that made said movies profitable. Few movies exemplify this formula better than Sleepaway Camp.

Here is the classic tale of kids getting brutally murdered at summer camp. Kind of like Friday the 13th, but not as realistic. In this opus we follow the exploits of cousins Ricky and Angela as they spend their summer getting bullied at Camp Arawak. Well it’s not long before campers and councilors alike start getting picked off, and unlike the Friday series, this time around we don’t know who the killer is. It’s a real conundrum.

The thing that makes this B-Movie so memorable is without a doubt the ending killer reveal. However the rest of the movie isn’t without its charms, including this scene featuring the ill-fated Camp Cook who earlier in the film informs us that where he comes from they call 10-year-old girls ‘baldies’. Because where is comes from is apparently a penal colony that houses pedophiles…

Oh man, that was great. But anyhow, what everyone really wants to see is the big reveal at the end, so here you go…

That’s right, not only was Angela the killer (even though they spend the whole movie making Ricky look guilty), but also she is a FRICKING DUDE!!! You did not see that coming. Neither did anyone else though, that’s why it’s so classic. I give this movie 5 Great Pumpkins based just on the sheer shock value of the ending and how fun it is to make people who don’t know the watch it. Good times.

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Here is a few great pictures for your enjoyment…

The infamous ‘Curling Iron’ scene
Here is the owner of the camp who is obviously banging ‘Meg’, a councilor who is like 40 years his junior.
And here we see the cop who obviously shaved his mustache off before being called in for re-shoots…

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