The Dark Defender Will Strike For At Least Two More Seasons!

According to Screen Junkies, Showtime‘s best suspenseful crime-drama series Dexter will continue running for at least two more seasons. These upcoming additions will be season 7 and season 8 for the show.

Although the current season 6 is getting the highest ratings of any season of Dexter so far, there is still some skepticism as to how the show will remain relevant. The one main issue that I believe this show has is that you can’t get extremely attached to characters who are close to Dexter because somehow many of them die. I was devastated with the Rita situation. When all of that happened, I had nightmares for weeks. Now, when there is a character added to the show (Brother Sam, for example) I find myself detached and not caring much about them, because I know ahead of time that they are going to die. How much loyalty can a fan have in a show if they don’t necessarily care about the characters? I feel like if they had more consistent likeable cast members, I would be more hopeful about the upcoming seasons.

Backing my theory up:

Rita - DEAD
Brother Sam - DEAD

Miguel - DEAD
Doakes - DEAD
Lila - DEAD
Dexter's own BROTHER Brian- DEAD
Lundy - DEAD
Camilla - DEAD
Lumen - Left Dexter
Astor & Cody - Barely mentioned, rarely seen

One last detail I would like to point out is the character change in Dexter. I still love him and everything he represents, but he has changed drastically. Dexter was a loner. Even when he was married, he was a loner. He kept everyone in his life at arm’s length to protect himself. During season 6, Dexter has had casual sex with a store clerk, waved to neighbors near houses he broke into, was chummy with a Pastor, and in my opinion has gotten overall too confident. Maybe he is starting to feel invincible after not getting caught for so long? Maybe having his son around (although Harrison is with Jamie most of the time) is humanizing him? Or maybe Showtime is giving the audience what they think we want, all the while changing one of the most imperative characteristics to back up why Dexter does what he does. I used to feel sorry for him because he was not like normal people, and felt the need to kill. Now, he seems like a stab-happy cool guy.

I do believe that the premise of the show is enough to keep the fans coming back and to keep the ratings high. I can say that I am not the only person I know disappointed with this 6th season. It is still a very well written show, but it lacks all of the passion from the first handful of seasons.

Overall, I am sure that the series will continue to succeed. Michael C. Hall is a master of the Dexter character, and there is no other show quite like it.

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