The Griz Bin – Superheroes Giving Thanks, Reinventing Batman, and Casey Jones

Welcome to The Griz Bin, a weekly look at the wide world of comic related nonsense that we all know and love.

Bruce Wayne’s Medical Records: One man who will never get Health Insurance. – [League of Ordinary Gentleman]

The 5 Most Impractical Aspects of Superhero Costumes: Ever wonder where Catwoman keeps her whip? Or how they chase after villains in high heels and nipple tassles? Well, your not the only one… – [Cracked]

Girls in Their Undies vs. Zombies: I shouldn’t have to say anything else. A bunch of girls… in their undies… killing Zombies… – [GeekTyrant]

Wonder Woman is Having Plastic Man Issues: art by dominiquefam. This is why I could never be a superhero.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Spider-Man: Might is the key word. Because I knew them all. But you probably won’t. Because your not me… – [Newsarama]

20 Superhero Movies We Hope They Never Make: While I have to agree with most of these, some I would watch and never tell anybody. Tracy Morgan as Black Vulcan? I’m sold – [Cracked]

A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: A weekly hook up of the coolest and sexiest cosplay out there. – [GammaSquad]

These Paintings of Psychedelic Superheroes Will Melt Your Face: Not literally, unless you’ve been ingesting Thanksgiving LSD again! – [io9]

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bat Stamps
: The coolest thing to happen to snail mail since being called snail mail! – [UnrealityMag]

What Are Superheroes Thankful For? Let’s Be Friends Again presents what our favorite heroes are thankful for, and its about what you’d expect. – [ComicsAlliance]

Gender Swapped X-People: Yea, at first your all like sweet, hot versions of male characters… then you see Emmet Frost and John Grey… and things change.  – [GeekTyrant]

Casey Jones Fan-Film: These guys do a pretty good job at making a convincing Casey Jones. The turtles look a little cheap, but its better than I could do. Check out the trailer below and click the link for the full movie – [CaseyJonestheMovie]

Superhero Alter-Ego Character Art: Very cool pictures depicting our favorite heroes and their civilian identities – [GeekTyrant]

The 7 Stupidest Attempts To Reinvent Batman: While I wouldn’t call all of these attempts to reinvent Batman, as any fan of Elseworlds will agree, there are certainly some lame attempts. Pirate and Cowboy Batman easily being the lamest, despite sounding really awesome. – [Cracked]

I Didn’t Choose This Life… It Chose Me: art by Dustin Nguyen. This awesome image is brought to us by one of my favorite Bat artists and really shows us the depth of Bats’ problems.

Batman Stalks Robin: More hilarious Facebook moments, this time with the Caped Crusader staying a little too attached to the Boy Wonder – [GeekTyrant]

The 6 Most WTF Special Edition Comics Ever Released: Yea, these ones are pretty out of this world… and so what if I bought more than one year worth of the Marvel Swimsuit Edition… That means nothing… – [Cracked]

And Now Here’s My New Favorite Thing: Not so much new, but still awesome. ‘100 Greatest Shut Ups in Film’ is NSFW, but if your boss gets mad here’s a hundred versions of how to respond.

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