John Carter Sequel Already in the Works: Too Soo

As it goes with many of Hollywood’s potential blockbuster films, Disney hopes to make John Carter (of Mars) a very successful trilogy that will fill up their coffers even more. After the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise took off and started murdering box office records, Disney began developing new movies to add similar success to their name as Pirates and even National Treasure. Tron: Legacy was one of those movies, which despite underperforming for Disney is still on it’s way to sequel-dom. Prince of Persia didn’t fair so well and will more than likely not garner a sequel.

John Carter however, has not even hit theaters yet and it was discovered that a sequel is already being developed in the form of script writing. Check it out via Screen Rant:

Walt Disney Pictures is wasting no time on setting the stage for next month’s John Carter adaptation to become the first in a new blockbuster series for the studio. The plan all along has been for the sci-fi flick to kick off a new trilogy – something which co-writer/director Andrew Stanton has previously made no secret of – and now progress on the next installment is already heating up.

Screen Rant‘s own Roth Cornet has learned that Stanton and his John Carter co-writer, Michael Chabon, have not only written outlines for the next two films in the series, but they’ve also actually begun penning a script for the sequel, tentatively known as John Carter: The Gods of Mars (the subtitle comes from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ second Carter novel). But is Disney counting its chickens before they hatch?

John Carter undoubtedly looks spectacular in trailer form and I’m thinking I may have to go see this one in IMAX style, but it would seem that Disney is getting really ahead of themselves. I have nothing but high hopes that the film performs superbly at the box office so a sequel can be made. Because let’s face it, I’m all about that next big film franchise so I can be entertained and in the end it’s all about me. The movie has quite a handful of talent involved. Mark Strong is present as (Shock!) a villain and it also stars Dominic West, James Purefoy, Ciarin Hinds and Willem Dafoe. Not to mention the beautiful and talented actress Lilly Collins. Expect to see her as our Grizzly Girl during the week of John Carter’s release. But in the meantime check out a clip below featuring Mark Strong doing some hard villain work:

This is also a big opportunity for Taylor Kitsch to become quite the big box office star. Disney is already touting him for this potential trilogy and we’ll get to see him this summer in Battleship. Battleship looks like a cross between Transformers and…. Transformers 2. I’m not really sure what any of it has to do with the classic board game aside from the title but the trailer looked pretty action packed.

We’ll see in the next couple weeks not only if John Carter can be a box office success but if it’s actually any good as a film at all! Stay tuned for a review from the Bomb!

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