The Sinister Six Returns in ‘Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth!’

Happy 50th Birthday Spidey! Just in case everyone missed the memo, it’s our resident wall-crawler’s 50th anniversary this year! And what better way to celebrate than getting his ass kicked back and forth between a newly formed Sinister Six? That’s exactly what ole’ webhead has to look forward to in the upcoming ‘Ends of the Earth’ story arc hitting shelves this month in March and carrying over into the summer.

And who is the main villain spearheading this new assault not only on Spiderman, but the world itself? Well who else but Doc Ock himself, who hasn’t been too credible of a threat in the years past to his arch nemesis but has been making power plays throughout the Marvel U, as writer Dan Slott points out in an interview with Comic Book Resources:

 As for Dr. Octopus himself, the villain has shown up in a number of other titles, which Slott said has been building to the story he has planned. “We’ve seen Doc Ock and the Sinister Six slowly building and percolating this master plan,” he said. “On the way it’s stretched out into the Marvel Universe proper. We’ve seen Doc Ock totally smack down Iron Man. He totally wiped the floor with Hank Pym’s team in ‘Avengers Academy.’ Over in ‘Spider-Man’ during an FF team up, Doc Ock pwned Reed Richards! He took over the Baxter Building and stole all kinds of stuff. Doc Ock’s been taking out the biggest brains on his stomp to global domination.”

 The Iron Man issues featuring Doctor Octopus were excellent, and not to mention beautifully drawn by Salvador Larocca. It showed us a glimpse of Otto in the past and his dealings with Stark’s family business and not to mention he pretty much beat Iron Man in his own way. To me, this arc is huge in terms of the Sinister Six. The Sinister Six, although cool in theory was only a big thing because it was a villain team up and their main goal was to destroy Spidey. This time though they are going to be helping Doctor Octopus in his bid for world domination and from the looks of some of the teasers it appears that they will be going to some extremely grim measures.

Slott also mentioned that even though the Sinister Six would be starting off with certain members that they would be different by the end of the arc. Does that mean deaths or good old fashioned ass whoopings from Spiderman? We’ll have to wait and find out. Check out the starting lineup and awesome cover art for the Sinister Six in Ends of the Earth:

It’s quite the line up with many fan favorites. To me, Electro is a must have in any formation of the Sinister Six. He probably has the coolest power out of any of them aside from Octopus and his costume is the shiznite no matter how many times they try to revamp it. If Max Dillon (Electro) continues to be the sadistic S.O.B that he was in Marvel Knights Spiderman, then Peter Parker may have his work cut out for him. Sandman likewise is another Sinister Six mainstay and Slott says there will be some focus on him throughout the arc so expect him to stick around on the roster for awhile. Rhino is the powerhouse of the team who has recently been getting some good character development in the recent Spidey stories for a change. Chameleon and Mysterio may be a couple of classic Spidey villains but I’ve never been too thrilled with them and expect them to be the first ones to drop off of the team mid story arc. There’s no telling how long any of these members will be on the team but I’m sure curious as to who will replace those that do. Vulture? Scorpion who’s been out of action since losing the Venom suit? Maybe they’ll bring in Hydro-Man! (God forbid)

Regardless of what villains we get to see, the arc should be very interesting indeed to see what Dr. Octopus hopes to gain with his quest to rule the world, especially when he is mortally on the clock. Does he hope to prolong his life or just prove that he could take over the world if he wanted to? I can’t imagine a world run by Otto Octavius. I can’t wait until this arc gets into the swing of things! (Pun intended with the swing thing.) Not to mention Spidey is getting a new suit to take out the trash in. Comment below with your thoughts and ramblings!

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