Why ‘True Blood: Season 5’ Won’t Make You Sad

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1. The Authority.

First of all, Chris Meloni (Law and Order: SVU) looks like a total badass.  Cold and unfeeling with a little sadistic smirk – everything we’ve come to expect from a vampire personality.  He makes Edward Cullen look like a giant vagina.  The Authority looks as if it will bring a little background into the lives of vampires and a broader view of their society.

2. Back Stories.

We can look forward to some major character development from our vampire friends, probably because of the presence of the Authority.  We will be introduced to Eric’s sister, Nina, who is also a vampire.  Does she work for the Authority?  We’re also promised some back story on Pam; how she met Eric, when he turned her, etc.  It’s about time we rounded out these secondary characters.  Now that Tommy is dead, I don’t hate everyone so much!

3. Terry and the Guy From Felicity.

Terry is easily one of my favorite characters on the show.  And not just because he used to be on Gilmore Girls (don’t judge), but because he’s really grown into one of the funniest characters on the show.  The return of his old commanding officer from Iraq could be just the right recipe for some really great comedy.

4. Returning Characters.

Russell Edgington is back with a fury, looking to settle the score with Bill and Eric.  The creepy minister is back, as a vampire.  Hopefully he gives Jason a storyline that doesn’t make me want to stick a fork in the toaster.  Both of these returns could create some terribly interesting storylines if handled correctly.  So long as no one brings back Tommy, Marnie, Debbie, Maryann, or any of Jason’s ex-girlfriends…

5. Eric Northman.

Because I can never get tired of him.

Hopefully all of these things will dry our tears in the upcoming season.  Unless they were all crying because the premiere episode will be horrible and have nothing to do with the rest of the season, and that there will be too many faeries.

Hope not.

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