Abraham Lincoln: Kicking Total Vampire Ass in the New Red-Band Trailer

This trailer actually makes me want to watch this film, because it might be really good… kind of. Maybe. Previous trailers just made me want to watch the film to have a laugh (I probably still will), but come on, it’s a film were Abraham Lincoln kills vampires; It’s going to be hysterical! Right?

Check out the newest trailer below, you won’t be disappointed:

“It’s time vampires had a nation of our own.” Isn’t Transylvania enough for you vampires? Greedy vampire…

The new trailer though certainly is starting to paint a better picture for this film in my mind, but I still have some concerns, mainly towards the film’s director Timur Bekmambetov. His track record isn’t great on films where he produces, writes and directs – 9, Apollo 18 and The Darkest Hour. And then add in that Tim Burton’s last couple of ventures haven’t given me much hope either, I have right to be skeptical.

On a more positive note, both of these have made good films in the past, so here’s hoping we get the best out of them.

Honest Abe looks ready to go though…

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