ALF – The Movie??? Cats Everywhere are Terrified…

Hide your felines ladies and gents, because the cat hungry alien, ALF, might be making his way back. This time on the big screen. Of course we all remember the tv show, which ran from ’86-’90, and now ALF creator Paul Fusco has big plans for our alien friend.

According to the guys at Warming Glow, when Fusco couldn’t think of what to write next, he would simply ask ALF what the line should be. And wouldn’t you know it, ALF would actually answer him. Fusco will be pitching the idea to the studios in a few weeks.

Fusco said about the movie  “I think we would approach it in a fresh way. I don’t think we would duplicate the TV show, but I think we would maybe put it in a storyline where we would explain how ALF got here and put him with a new family and let the character speak for himself.”

Personally I loved ALF as a kid, and still enjoy it when I watch it occasionally on Netflix. But the question is, should this be dug up and made into a movie. Well, the folks over at Warming Glow obviously don’t think so. I think though, with the right elements, it could be kind of a fun throwback. It would have to be done in a certain way, to try to grasp that old feel, and honestly I don’t think it will be done correctly.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

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