HBO’s True Blood Episode 5.08 – “Somebody That I Used to Know”

After the brilliance of last week, I was completely underwhelmed by what I was served during this most recent of episodes.

Sookie’s faerie powers are getting ridiculous.  Now apparently she can read the thoughts of dead people?  It’s too much.  It’s too weird.  And who is this creepy new vampire that killed her parents?  The Scarecrow from Batman Begins?  Seems like he’d be pretty cool to have on the show as more than just a memory, so let’s hope we meet him for real.

Terry and Patrick are still having a hell of a time with their Balrog (1,000 cool points if you got the reference!!).  Lafayette channels the Iraqi woman who set the curse and she makes a deal.  She will call off the flame monster if Patrick or Terry die.  Of course, Patrick bolts.  What a douche.  I hope Terry obliterates that ass clown really quickly so we don’t have to deal with him anymore.  He was better on Scrubs.

The Authority come down from their massive high, and since they binged on all that blood they seem to evade the munchies.  Eric, of all people, is the only one of the vampires who seemingly has a conscience.  Is it just because he saw Godric?  Even Nora seems to think that Godric lost his way and went a little nuts before he took his own life.  Or is Eric really the only one who is intrinsically good, who is completely honest with his beliefs, and brave enough to stand by them?  Bill seems content to kiss any hand that is feeding him; and proves to be more of a flip-flopper, more of an Iago (another grand of cool points for that reference), than even I thought possible.  Sookie really side-stepped that landmine when she broke up with him.

Part of me still wants to think that Bill is hiding something, that he is fooling everyone and earning their trust before turning against them to defeat them.  If this is his covert mission, he and Eric truly seem to have switched places.  While Eric would never sugarcoat or shy away from voicing his blunt and colorful opinions, stealth and trickery have always been in his back pocket.  Bill was always the one whose honesty and naive attachment to his feelings got him into trouble.  There has to be more depth into game than what meets the eye.  Especially after the flashback of him and his refusal to turn his daughter into what he is – a cursed being.

Luna turned into Sam during this episode, and HOLY COW was it funny.  Not only did we see him acting like a woman (hilarious), but we almost got to see him kiss himself.  Good times.

In other side stories, Tara and Pam continue to be a winning combination.  Alcide and the wolf pack continue to make me yawn.  Jessica and Hoyt continue to be fit for Jerry Springer. [Ed. Note – Outside of Eric and Bill, I found Jessica and Hoyt to be the most interesting…maybe it’s just my crush on Jessica…]

I give this episode a 3/5.  It would have received a 3.5 if it had more Eric!

5 thoughts on “HBO’s True Blood Episode 5.08 – “Somebody That I Used to Know””

  1. Pam and Tara together are the best. I’ve always had a crush on Pam, and I never thought the writers could make Tara tolerable again, but they did. By the way, Balrog is from Lord of the Rings, but I unfortunately don’t get the lago reference. Fill me in?


      1. Wow, no shit. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Aladdin, and even then I never really knew that parrot’s name. I guess Bill is like that fucking parrot. Thanks man.


      2. Iago was from Othello. Known for telling people what they want to hear to promote his success. No bill Shakespeare fans??


  2. Really? Now I feel like a complete moron. I read quite a few Shakespeare tragedies, never read Othello unfortunately. Iago was the antagonist in Othello and the parrot in Aladdin. Thanks, now I know two.


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