NBC’s Comedic Marketing Campaign

Can you imagine how excited I am for Community? No, that’s not sarcasm. Moving to Fridays and airing right after Whitney, the greatest comedy of all time? And it’s on NBC, which always deliver great shows with great ratings? And the cherry on top of the sundae, Dan Harmon, the executive producer to Community, was replaced going into what probably won’t be the final season of the show, since he is totally not responsible for the show’s quality? I mean, the show averages 3.93 million viewers. That’s a lot to a premium cable channel. There’s no way the fourth season is the show’s final season. Oh wait, NBC’s network TV? Who cares? NBC is awesome. It’s like a unicorn galloping on rainbows and shitting Nutella. They did so well in their coverage of the Olympic games, they’re expecting to make tons of profits. Wow, I am genuinely looking forward to the show returning in fall.

I’m contractually obliged to post something that features Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs whenever I mention Community. It’s Dr. Kronner’s fault. [Editor’s Note – Fact.]

Look at the teaser, which we can’t embed for some reason. You can just see all the creativity streaming out of the video. Soundbites from the show auto-tuned into a song? I’ve never seen that before.

NBC Leadin

In case you’re looking for a reason to actually watch an NBC program, there is actually one.  Parks and Recreation will be airing on Thursdays on the peacock network. Two awesome Olympics-themed promos were released, and both of them puts our favorite Ron Swanson in the spotlight, featuring him doing usual Ron Swanson things – you know, eating a lot and looking ultra masculine. Go ahead and see for yourself. Personally, I find them quite funny.

There is also this mind-numbingly cheesy commercial promoting NBC’s comedies. Yea, because actors holding up cards and replacing the word “love” with your network’s logo is soooooooooooo original.  I actually feel embarrassed for the network.

For more NBC bashing, feel free to read my article on the network’s upcoming show Dracula. Community will return on Oct 19th (Fridays) at 8:30 pm. Parks and Rec will return on Sep 20th (Thursdays) at 9:30 pm.

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