Star Wars: You Have Reached Level 1313

A new trailer for Star Wars 1313 has come out and it just makes me more and more excited… and angry because there is still no release date for the game! I would imagine It will hit store shelves sometime next year (Spring hopefully, though Christmas would be ideal for sales.) the way they are promoting it and how finished the game appears to be. The graphics are simply stunning and smooth and this time around won’t be your typical Star Wars game. Normally you are able to play as a Jedi and do all sorts of awesome shit with your lightsaber, in an unusually overpowered Jedi way as evidenced below:

However, the minimal information that we have to go on for 1313 is that it takes place in the deep underworld of Coruscant, the lawless abyss known as level 1313, hence the title of the game. And in the game instead of playing as a Jedi or Sith apprentice, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of a bounty hunter on the hunt to take down a criminal conspiracy. The criminals? We don’t know. The conspiracy? We don’t know. Although we do know that as this bounty hunter there will be an ass load of weaponry to use. The game has also been described to have cover based gameplay, platform gameplay and playable cinematic gameplay. I can only envision the cover based gameplay being a lot like our good friend Mass Effect, and upon watching gameplay footage of 1313 it sure the hell looks like Mass Effect, which is awesome. As much as I like Mass Effect the Star Wars galaxy is a far bigger place with a lot of avenues to explore. Listen to me thinking sequel already. But seriously watch the newest trailer below. I’m all for a sequel already:

The playable cinematic gameplay I would imagine is akin to something like Resident Evil 4 or parts of the Force Unleashed games. Maybe by now they’ve found more innovative ways to do things instead of quick button tapping and button combinations. Check out some direct gameplay below:

Personally I hope that Black Sun is involved somehow in this “criminal conspiracy”. They seem to be the mainstay criminal organization in the Star Wars universe aside from the Hutt Cartels. But then again, we don’t even know which era this will be in. Looking at some of the ship designs I’m betting it will be in the Dark Times era between episodes 3 and 4, which is a time period I love. There’s something about the dark and dangerous storylines in the Star Wars universe where the Empire is always a looming cloud and Jedi, smugglers and rebels alike are constantly on the run from them. The mood of that era does seem to fit perfectly with the supposed gritty and adult themed feel that the game will be sporting.

Hopefully more will be revealed soon as time progresses. (Like a damned release date!) I can’t get enough of the locales of Coruscant, particularly the less savory parts. Whether it is in the comics, movies,  games or books, the Coruscant’s underbelly is a diverse yet dangerous place. The best writing and descriptions of Coruscant are done by author Michael Reaves not only in the excellent Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, but also in the equally awesome Coruscant Nights trilogy that takes place soon after Order 66 and the end of the Clone Wars. I don’t expect any of the locations used by Reaves to be in the game but I’m eagerly anticipating whether or not they give Coruscant the same life that Mr. Reaves was able to convey in his novels.

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