Arrow: John Barrowman and the Huntress?

Click here for a brief/not so brief recap of the first two episodes of the CW’s new show, Arrow.

So, what’s in Arrow’s future? Well first off, thankfully there is a longer future as the CW, wisely, just gave Arrow a full season order. As is common, they’d initially gotten a 13 episode order, but now it’s for a full 22. The pilot had 4.14 million watching making it the most watched since The Vampire Diaries. Not only that but the second episode brought in 3.5 million- not too shabby. If numbers continue even close to these, I don’t think anyone will be surprised if they announce they are renewing it for a second season here in a couple of months.

Now there is some news coming out about upcoming seasons – namely someone showing up in the fifth episode that almost assures they will have some strong numbers. It is none other than Capt. Jack Harkness (of Doctor Who and Torchwood if you’ve been living under a rock) himself – John Barrowman!

There hasn’t been much said about who he will be playing besides calling him “The Well Dressed Man”, but seriously he could be the well dressed UPS guy and I would still be so excited. Deliver those packages John Barrowman, you ring that doorbell you handsome devil!

But seriously, is he going to be an already known villain? Someone completely new? Wait, is he going to be a good guy? If you’ve seen the first two episodes, this sizzle reel probably answers that but hey, maybe they show us that to throw us off the scent. Who knows- stranger things have happened I guess.

“You have failed this city”- not the greatest catchphrase but far from the worst!

Ah, John Barrowman, you beautiful person, you.

Speaking of beautiful people, it appears as if Oliver Queen might be getting a girlfriend. Maybe. Well love interest or not, The Huntress, is coming to Arrow. Played by Australian actress, Jessica De Gouw, The Huntress is scheduled to make her appearance “around” episode six.

There is so much to look forward to! If  you were on the fence about watching Arrow and this news hasn’t convinced you to tune in, then maybe this will:

That would be Stephen Amell, star of Arrow, with his dog Louie. Come on, do it for the puppy!

You can catch the John Barrowman and Stephen Amell (sadly, no Louie) on the CW, Wednesday nights at 8 Eastern. And then come back to Grizzly Bomb and we’ll discuss it – I’ll try to find at least one shirtless Oliver Queen picture each week. Shouldn’t be that difficult.

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