Game Of Thrones: S3 – New Stills and Only 53 More Days to Wait!

Let’s be honest here, you’re probably as sick of reading little tidbits about Season 3 of Game Of Thrones as I am about writing them. We both just want the show to come back on, for all of us to watch it, and depending on how many of the books you’ve read, bitch about the differences, lack of characters, inclusion of characters, the similarities, and everything else in between. It’s an agonizing wait that’s certainly not made any easier by these pitiful little teaser photos that HBO keeps putting out every few weeks, just looking to drag us back in bit by bit until we can’t take it anymore. I suppose in that regard it’s a good strategy, since if I was catching up on the show and knew it was coming back on TV soon, I’d be ordering my HBO subscription right this minute.

It stands to reason if you’re reading this you’ve got some cursory knowledge or interest in the show, and thusly are prepared in some fashion for the idea that there are spoilers, and while these photos aren’t necessarily spoilers per se, some people are extra super sensitive about that sort of thing and just can’t take knowing ANYTHING about the show coming up at all. That being said, the photos are of particular interest to those who’ve read the books, as some characters are showing up that I certainly would have thought were being cut. The Reeds for instance are particularly surprising, since Osha seems to be so far fulfilling their role in the series, but either way Bran getting the info on his green dreams is something I’ve long looked forward to see in the series.

Then of course there’s the entire character progression of Lord Beric Dondarrion, along with Thoros of Myr, who book readers will know play a small but incredibly significant role in the evolution of… let’s say the nature of the world in Game Of Thrones. I don’t want to spoil anything, but lets just say that the world changes pretty dramatically from Book 1 to Book 5, and I don’t just mean Whitewalkers and dragons. But I digress. Fans here should be excited to find out who these characters are, or look forward to seeing them be portrayed excellently, (or poorly, depending if you have bad opinions or not) by the good folks working for HBO. All I can say is, PUT THE DAMN SHOW ON TV ALREADY YOU’RE KILLING ME.

Below is a slideshow with 22 photos from the new season, enjoy.

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