‘Iron Man 3’ Trailer #2: Voiceovers, Dramatic Music, and a Ton of New Armors!

The second trailer to the much-anticipated Iron Man 3 has hit the web, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. This trailer steps it up quite a bit from the first one, which was pretty decent on its own. We get to see a great deal more of the various characters of the film, and a clear change in direction after Iron Man 2. A step away from the character driven humor into a more serious but still action-packed film. Why am I still talking right now, let’s watch the trailer.

I almost feel like I can just end this article there.

Okay, no, apparently I can’t. Let’s discuss. First of all I just want to say how much I am loving Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. We still don’t get to see a lot from him, but that last voiceover is chilling. We are seeing a lot of his rings, which in the comics have crazy alien science magic like Disintegration Beam and Mento Intensifier. I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing a lot of that in the film, but it’s obvious  he will still play a key role in bringing a lot of this chaos to Tony’s life.

Iron Man 3

A bit more War Machine in the trailer, and a lot more Don Cheadle, but the trailer really seems to focus on Pepper and Tony’s relationship amid the explosions. This is something that never really developed in the comics until the last few years, as Pepper and Tony had always been that “will they, wont they” couple, except for a few short occasions. There were also a few interesting scenes in the trailer that leads me to believe we might even be seeing Pep donning her own suit of armor as Rescue. What’s one more suit of armor, right?

Iron Man 3

A few roles that were exposed a bit more were Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian and William Sadler as Sal Kennedy. Both seem to feature differently than their comic book counterparts, especially Sadler as Sal Kennedy. In the comics he was more of a hippie/scientist/mentor to Tony Stark, yet here in the trailer he is an elected official swearing to hunt down the terrorist, Mandarin. And Pearce as Aldrich Killian hasn’t been given that much time in the trailers yet, but there was an interesting scene that featured Iron Man getting flipped around by a human opponent which looked a lot like Pearce.

Iron Man 3

Which brings us to the Extremis section of the trailer, which certainly plays a bigger part than in the previous one. We get to see a number of patients undergo what appears to be the Extremis process, which in the comics is the basis for Tony’s newest armor and abilities. The Extremis process is what would make Killian able to take on Iron Man, which leads to Tony using the Extremis process for himself.

Iron Man 3

Finally, lets talk about those armors. So many armors! When his latest armor was first shown with its model number (Mark 42) I didn’t expect to see the previous 41 armors show up in the movie. It looks like Stark’s remote control tech along with maybe some help from Jarvis will be piloting the suits along with Tony, Rhodey, and maybe even Pepper. There were definitely some cool fan shout outs, like the ‘Hulkbuster’ armor that smashes in at the end of the trailer. With rumors already of the Deep Space armor featuring in to the film, I’m curious to see just how many more will be featured.

Iron Man 3

To conclude, this trailer has got me even more excited than I already was. Kingsley as the Mandarin and the fact that Shane Black is just oozing out of this film are the best sellers for me, not to mention the sheer amount of armors in the film. That’s enough to make any self-respecting geek squee a little. Seriously, HULKBUSTER.

Iron Man 3

You can check out more screencaps over on ScreenCrush. Am I getting way too amped up for the film? What did you think of the trailer? Sound off in the comments section below!

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