Titan Comics’ ‘Sharky!’ Preview Looks Fun As All Get Out

I’m a simple kind of man when it comes to my comics. I either like them indie, subdued, about relationships and emotions, or about Superheroes, explosions, bad-ass fights and occasionally titties. It’s the ever present dichotomy in me that really spells out who I am as a person. Regardless however, occasionally a book comes along that clearly looks to appeal more to the latter half of my comic-fandom, by looking to be a balls out nutty mash up of all things awesome. Case in point, Titan Comics’ Sharky!, a book that looks to please with it’s description alone, as given straight from Titan Comics themselves.

[quote] Titan Comics and ATOMEKA are pleased to announce the release of SHARKY – the first in an irreverent, thrilling, genre-mashing graphic novel series by Dave Elliott and Alex Horley.

Perfect for fans of bestselling creators Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Robert Kirkman, Simon Bisley and Richard Corben, SHARKY marks the debut of an all-new hero!

SHARKY has been raised alone by his single mom, with no idea of who his ‘love’em and leave’em’ father was. Hitting the brick wall called puberty, he discovers that the ‘no-good-S.O.B.’ who contributed to his genes is none other than ODIN, king of the Norse Gods – and his mother is a child of ZEUS, ruler of Olympus!

 Now, whenever something sets off his hormones, he transforms into the demi-god SHARKY – complete with a pumped-up body The Rock would kill to have – and the strength of Hercules!

 When two of the black sheep of his family tree visit Earth and create havoc by raising the dead as an army to take over the world, Sharky has to pick sides, with the fate of the planet at stake. With no time for training, it’s a case of working out Superhero 101 as he goes – and if he fails, his friends’ lives are forfeit! [/quote]

I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly the kind of comic I would probably end up making if I was given free reign. Actually it’d probably be a bit more like Robo-Cop, but mixed with Re-Animator. Also it’d be really gory and sexy. I think I would call it Gorno Cop. Which reminds me, I should really try pitching that out there to some comics publishers, maybe Avatar would go for it! ZING!

Back on topic, Sharky does look pretty irreverent and fun, and it’s weird and funny to see The Mask actually doing things. Most people only remember that weird and awful Jim Carrey movie or it’s horrendous sequel. I was never a big fan of the comics version of the character but I’ve been told it was a neat thing. Regardless it’s fun to see a comic that doesn’t take itself seriously, and is willing to just go apesh** and throw everything at the wall. Take a peek for yourself with these pages from Sharky!

[tabgroup][tab title=”1″]

Sharky Cover

[/tab][tab title=”2″]


[/tab][tab title=”3″]


[/tab][tab title=”4″]


[/tab] [tab title=”5″]


[/tab]  [tab title=”6″]



It’s a book that’s being written by David Elliot, and drawn by Alex Horley, two guys who’ve been in the business a while and have worked on tons of projects including but not limited to Heavy Metal Magazine, 2000 AD, JLA and if you’re a CCG gamer like a lot of folks I know, you may recognize Alex Horley’s art from the World Of Warcraft or Magic: The Gathering Collectible Card Game. I definitely see the Heavy Metal influence in the art style, and that’s pretty great. It looks pretty interesting as you can tell, and it’s something I’ll probably be picking up out of curiosity and appreciation for indie books alone.

SHARKY! will hit book stores on September 11, 2013. The series will also be available to read day and date on the iPad, iPhone, Web, Android and Kindle Fire, exclusively through the comiXology app and comiXology.com

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