Game Of Thrones Review: 3.07 – The Bear and the Maiden Fair

We’re nearing the end of the season already…these seasons fly by too fast, and each episode seems to occupy the shortest hour of the week. After last week’s ‘The Climb’ it was time for this Sunday night’s ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’. This episode was mostly a collection of moving pieces, clearly waiting to be set in place before some impending big event, which is sure to fill out the end of the season. And if this show has taught us anything, that end is sure to be gut-wrenching.

Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen continues her march through the free cities, like a little blonde Django, punishing slave masters left and right creating quite a name for herself.

the bear and maiden fair

The mother of Dragons is amassing quite the army in front of her, as well as quite a few mouths to feed. At this point she needs to keep sacking cities just to care for the freed slaves that follow her. This week we see her negotiating her way into the city of Yunkai by offering to not slaughter them. Doesn’t seem like they’re chomping at the bit to take her up on it though…

the bear and maiden fairthe bear and maiden fair

Tywin Lannister takes a break in his busy schedule to verbally smack the shit out of his grandson, the Boy King, and the audience rejoices. Joffery is a turdburgler, we all know that. And Tywin promised his Queen daughter weeks ago that he’d get the boy in line, it’s nice to see him finally doing it. Tywin ran the kingdom as the Mad King’s hand, and now he’s running things as Joffery’s hand. The more things change, they more they stay the same…

One of the main focuses this episode is Robb having to put the war on hold and prepare to travel to the Twins so he can apologize to Walder Frey for his marriage slight. The power old Lord Frey wields, forcing the King of the North to travel is a prime example of how important the politics of the kingdom are. Walder is a bitter, relentless old fool and not until he sees the Wolf grovel before him will the war be allowed to continue. Oh, and Robb’s wife is apparently pregnant, which could take care of that pesky ‘heir of Winterfell’ issue…

the bear and maiden fair

The most memorable section of the episode though, and the reason for the episode’s title, is Brienne and Jamie’s storyline. Now we’ve heard the song that shares a title with this episode back in ‘Walk of Punishment‘, but it’s much more apt now. Jamie, already on his way back to King’s Landing to be reunited with his sister, turns around and returns to rescue his one-time captor Brienne. When he gets back to Harrenhal he finds his friend entangled with a bear, though not just any bear…

the bear and maiden fairthe bear and maiden fair

Now it’s not the Bart the Bear from The Edge and The Great Outdoors, but his successor, raised by the same trainers. Anyhow, this Bart resides in the very same pit in which Brienne currently fights for her life, with a wooden sword. That seems fair. So without thinking, the infamous Kingslayer flings himself into the pit to save her…crippled and unarmed.

Those are the most important developments, but as always there was plenty more. Besides Robb, let’s check in on the other Stark kids…

the bear and maiden fairthe bear and maiden fairthe bear and maiden fairthe bear and maiden fair

So Arya is going all goth and talking about dark shit, and then gets snapped up by the Hound. That poor kid, she is my favorite character and she just keeps getting shit on. Sansa continued to whine and disgrace her father’s great name, and Jon has the Ginger Fever.

So overall, another great episode. Can’t wait till next week, super bummed there are only 3 episodes left…

Check out the ‘Second Sons’ promo now!

the bear and maiden fair

Images: HBO

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