The Purge: More Purging on the Way in Form of a Sequel

So last week’s surprise box office winner The Purge was made for a meager $3 million dollars and ended up with $30 million plus for it’s opening weekend. That’s a pretty damned good investment I’d say. Blumhouse Productions actually has a pretty good record of making nothing into something. They are responsible for the extremely successful Paranormal Activity movie franchise, the first movie being made for $15,000 and grossing $193 million worldwide. Sinister is a similar success story like The Purge, being made for only $3 million and ultimately grossing $80 million, which The Purge could potentially do by the end of its run. So, its only logical that they do the same thing with The Purge and give it a sequel right?


Well that’s what is going down. Apparently the studio has green lit the sequel for The Purge and now all that remains is to determine what the sequel might be about. I was previously thinking that they could change the setting to the inner city to see how Purge Night affects those homeless people and other random people living there. It was evident from the security footage during the open credits that things get pretty gruesome out there so that could be the direction they go.


Another idea could be that they do a prequel instead of a sequel to show how the idea of The Purge came into place, or perhaps the experience for certain people during the first Purge Night. They left it pretty mysterious with the “new” America that was created by the New Founding Fathers. I think it would be interesting to find out who these new founding fathers were and how they got the public support for the idea of Purge Night. That seems like the studio wouldn’t be sticking to the cheap budget format so it will more than likely not happen, but it would be just as interesting to see another fight for survival by other characters during Purge Night. I really can’t see the Sandin family from the first Purge movie being a part of the sequel because their story is complete.

What’s everyone else think? What are some ideas for a new Purge movie? Did anyone enjoy the first movie as much as I did? Purge your thoughts below!

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