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The Purge: Election Year – Official Trailer

We’ve played a lot of Purge games this evening…

The success of 2013’s futuristic slasher flick The Purge seemed to promise a whole slew of sequels to come, not uncommon for the genre.

A year later we got The Purge: Anarchy. This time a little less horror, a little more action-thriller, we saw Purge Night from outside the relative safety of the home. No Lena Headey or Ethan Hawke, but rather characters who weren’t able to make it home before the siren, and for that, many of them didn’t survive the night. The second movie instead introduced us to Sergeant Barnes, played by Frank Grillo. You might recognize Grillo from the two most recent Captain America movies, or Kingdom – the stellar MMA show for which he is the lead. Well, Barnes recused some unfortunate souls and survives the night. Apparently playing hero worked for him, because now with the franchise’s third installment coming, he’s back and looking to protect Senator Charlene Roan in her run for President.

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Here’s Chucky! Child’s Play Star Invades the Horror Genre!

Curse of Chucky slashed its way onto DVD shelves last week, and as part of a very clever advertising campaign we now have the chance to see how Chucky would react if he got caught up in other horror movies. Below are the four videos so far that Chucky has invaded, and they are fantastic little shorts. Modern horror like The Purge comes under fire from the tiny ginger killer, but horror classics like Psycho aren’t safe either. Chucky has been inserted perfectly into these videos and in some cases enhances the clips from the original movies.

The stand out short has to be the Psycho scene which has a brilliant sight gag in it with had this reviewer chuckling. But do not take my word for it see for yourself.

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The Purge: More Purging on the Way in Form of a Sequel

So last week’s surprise box office winner The Purge was made for a meager $3 million dollars and ended up with $30 million plus for it’s opening weekend. That’s a pretty damned good investment I’d say. Blumhouse Productions actually has a pretty good record of making nothing into something. They are responsible for the extremely successful Paranormal Activity movie franchise, the first movie being made for $15,000 and grossing $193 million worldwide. Sinister is a similar success story like The Purge, being made for only $3 million and ultimately grossing $80 million, which The Purge could potentially do by the end of its run. So, its only logical that they do the same thing with The Purge and give it a sequel right?


Well that’s what is going down. Apparently the studio has green lit the sequel for The Purge and now all that remains is to determine what the sequel might be about. I was previously thinking that they could change the setting to the inner city to see how Purge Night affects those homeless people and other random people living there. It was evident from the security footage during the open credits that things get pretty gruesome out there so that could be the direction they go.


Another idea could be that they do a prequel instead of a sequel to show how the idea of The Purge came into place, or perhaps the experience for certain people during the first Purge Night. They left it pretty mysterious with the “new” America that was created by the New Founding Fathers. I think it would be interesting to find out who these new founding fathers were and how they got the public support for the idea of Purge Night. That seems like the studio wouldn’t be sticking to the cheap budget format so it will more than likely not happen, but it would be just as interesting to see another fight for survival by other characters during Purge Night. I really can’t see the Sandin family from the first Purge movie being a part of the sequel because their story is complete.

What’s everyone else think? What are some ideas for a new Purge movie? Did anyone enjoy the first movie as much as I did? Purge your thoughts below!

2013’s Most Anticipated Summer Movies

It’s May and you know what time it is: The Summer Movie season begins! For the last half of my life, I have set out every first week of May (sometimes last week of April) and waited with gleeful anticipation for the first action packed popcorn movie to come out. I would always gather large groups of people in my high school and college days to get together for one giant extravaganza of movie watching. Some movies were great and others were downright terrible (looking at you Spider-Man 3), but it was always big event dating back to when my dad would take me out the first weekend of the season and we’d revel in the events that unfolded on the silver screen. Stars are made in the summer and these movies that myself, Brian, and Amanda went through, should be on the top of your guys’ lists, as well as a few honorable mentions.

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The Purge: Trailer Shows Newest Thing in Home Invasion Horrors…

Fans of survival horror should be in for a treat as the trailer for the new home invasion film Purge has just been released. Starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Heady, directed by James DeMonaco (writer of The Negotiator) with producing going to Jason Blum (one of the team behind Paranormal Activity). Below is the synopsis and trailer for this film that shows a horrific, possible future.

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