Game of Thrones: The Epic History of House Stark (Part 2 of 2)

This is the fifth time we’ve featured ComicBookGirl19 and her “Game of Thrones: Epic History” videos explaining the Houses of Westeros. This one is the second part of the House Stark stuff. We post these cause we think they are really well done and informative. And we’re obsessed with the whole mythology…

The just of this video is that I’ll never be half the man Ned Stark is…and he’s not even real.

The comparison between Robert Baratheon and Jay Gatsby is an apt one. Lyanna Stark, much like an older prettier Arya, didn’t love Robert despite the fact that he has placed her (posthumously) placed her atop a pedestal. Much like Gatsby with Daisy, the reality could never life up to fantasy, though Lyanna is no doubt about 1000 times cooler than Daisy Buchanan.

Lyanna Stark and Daisy Buchanan
Ned Stark we already knew was about as good a man as could exist within the world that contains Westeros, and that is of course why he couldn’t survive there. Ned’s death was greatly foreshadowed, and not just cause he was played by Sean Bean. In the first episode we see the Starks find some Direwolf pups, as well as an adult direwolf…which was killed by a stag. Then Robert shows up, flying his Stag sigil, and summons Ned to leave the North. We shoulda known right there. I really want a prequel with more Ned Stark…

Stag and Direwolf

As far as the theory that Jon Snow is Ned’s nephew rather than his son, I’m also totally on board with CBG19. Ned’s honor is the biggest reason to believe that he would sacrifice his reputation to take care of his nephew and one more reason to hate Catelyn Stark. And while the burn on his hand proves he is more wolf than dragon, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be Dany’s nephew…even if they are the same age. I guess we’re gonna find out in the 6th book, which may or may not be out in 2014…


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