Ben Schwartz Returns to ‘Parks and Recreation’; Kristen Bell to Guest

Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell is scheduled, along with House of Lies Co-star Ben Schwartz, to pop up for a few episodes next season on Parks and Recreation. Schwartz will obviously be reprising a role he’s been shining in since the shows second season, the hilarious Jean-Ralphio. As Jean-Ralphio he is sure to annoy Ron Swanson and make life a little harder for his best friend Tom Haverford.

Jean Ralphio and Tom Havorford

Schwartz is reported to be back for four episodes, while Bell is likely only in one, but that could all change. Kristen will be playing Ingrid, a snooty City Councilwoman from Eagleton.

[quote]“She’s Leslie’s equivalent, but richer and better dressed” – Executive Producer Michael Schur to EW.[/quote]

So she sounds a little like Lindsay Carlisle Shay (Parker Posey) who showed up back in season 3. Bell has previously worked with P&R regulars Adam Scott on Party Down and Aubrey Plaza in the movie Safety Not Guaranteed. And while I don’t remember them sharing screen time, Nick Offerman and she were both on Deadwood, so there is that. All and all, she should feel pretty comfortable on set there, plus that cast just seems fun.

Sounds good to us.
Sounds good to us.

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