First Impressions: Fantastic Short Film Featuring A Long-Awaited DC Character

While DC languishes about 10 miles behind Marvel Studios in their film department, with nothing to really hang their hat on other than Nolan’s The Dark Kight Trilogy, a little ingenuity from choreographer Leo Kei Angelos and writer George Ruiz has really injected some life into a famous DC property. This is definitely needed after disappointing forays into what should have been blockbuster properties. First we dealt with the miserable excuse for a Green Lantern film, and a Man of Steel movie that was so dark and full of unnecessary CGI that it can’t be classified as anything other then 2013’s Most Disappointing Film. Granted, Superman expectations were raised to unattainable heights by that epic last trailer, but the Boy Scouts origin was just way too dark.

Now thanks to YouTube, we’ve been treated to a rather enjoyable, albeit short video called First Impressions, which spotlights on one of the DC Universe’s best characters. You’ll figure out who it is pretty quick. Unless you’re stupid, and then I’ll tell you below the vid…

Boom shakalaka!

Okay… So if you haven’t figured it out yet, possibly due to the distraction of those jeans or an inability to sit through the end credits…



Unfortunately it’s Warner Brothers reluctance, and the plethora of cowards in studio boardrooms that have repeatedly killed the idea of a WW movie, or a television series. She’s an Amazon Princess for crying out loud! The character worked on TV before, and when you  own your own studio (The CW), it shouldn’t be that hard to just make the show. Greenlight the movie. Get it out there. Leo Kei Angelos did it. Which brings us back on point, Hailey Bright does a great job of kicking ass without emasculating her date, and I can admire that. It’d be intimidating to date a Princess…

wonder woman short

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