Gotham: Fox Orders More Episodes and Casts Fan Favorite

Gotham is getting better – the show at least, not so much the city.

As the weeks pass and Gotham improves, we see characters start to fall into their places a bit more evenly. After the fifth episode – titled Viper – we saw Edward Nigma actually appear to serve a purpose at the precinct. Sal Maroni shed his jolly gangster look for a more sinister persona. This one more resembling the head of a crime family, though oblivious to threat Cobblepot poses him. And Bruce Wayne, whom I’d been calling for less of, showed glimpses of the drive that will someday steer him into the cape and cowl. The drug story also sets up a later appearance from another major villain, as Viper is the precursor to Bane’s Venom. Overall, the Viper episode was the best we’ve seen thus far, edging out the prior week’s Arkham for that title.


‘Each episode better than the last’ is a the trend which the show has taken over the last couple weeks, and that is the right direction to be headed in. FOX has apparently noticed this as well, as they rewarded the Gotham crew by extending the season order to 22 episodes. They had already earlier extended the order to 16, so the addition of six more now and early rumors already surrounding season two would seem to indicate FOX has more confidence in the show then we thought they would. Historically, the geek community has been harsh on FOX since they’ve had some many great genre shows that were canceled too soon, like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, or more recently Almost Human – two shows that really seemed to hitting their strides when the plug was pulled. Perhaps the most famous of example of this, was a little show you might remember from 2002 called Firefly.

Firefly premiered in the pre-DVR era and fell victim to time changes, large delays between episodes and the airing of the story out of order. It’s hard to imagine that such an excellent show, which has gained such a huge following afterwards, was mishandled so poorly when it was on. But perhaps in an attempt to appease their genre fans, FOX has just cast a member of Serenity’s crew to appear in Gotham. Enter Inara Serra.

Morena as Leslie

Morena Baccarin (Homeland), who played Inara Serra on Firefly (and in the movie Serenity), has been cast to play a young Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Comic fans will know Thompkins as a long time friend to the Wayne family, and one of the trusted few who knows how Bruce spends his nights. This version is obviously much younger than the one we know. This coupled with the recent casting of Harvey Dent, has them rounding out some of the best Gothamites from the mythology.

Images: Fox, DC Comics

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