Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn? A-List Cast May Follow…

When the Suicide Squad movie was first talked about, general consensus was that it was be a lower-tier filler type of film for DC to sandwich between Justice League chapters. A chance to expand on the DC Cinematic Universe, introducing some smaller characters with a mid-range price tag. Now though, if the rumors are true, there doesn’t seem to be anything pointing at them keeping the budget down on this one.

Collider is reporting that Margot Robbie is your new Harley Quinn. Robbie is best known for her role in last year’s The Wolf of Wall Street. And while I’d been pushing for Kristen Bell to take the mantle for quite some time, this seems like rather solid casting to me.


This follows up a report from a month ago that had her in the role, and also suggested that Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy and Will Smith would all be joining the fray as well. No confirmation on who they would each be playing, but Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and Bronze Tiger probably wouldn’t be terrible guesses based on recent comic book lineups. The other big rumor floating around concerns Mr. J and a reigning Oscar champ Jared Leto. Including the Joker on the team changes things up quite a bit, and could actually detract from the story – but it’s too early to know if that’s the case one way or the other. Leto certainly isn’t the obvious choice, but as Heath Ledger proved, that doesn’t mean he isn’t the right one.

Director David Ayer has compared the film to The Dirty Dozen, which sets lofty expectations to anyone who trusts a comparison made to such a classic. It also seems as though we’ll be seeing Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor appear in the film, so DC is certainly not pulling any punches here.

 Images: Warner Bros, Rocksteady Games

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