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Rumors Confirmed; Deadwood Movie Coming to HBO

Pain or damage don’t end the world. Or despair or f–king beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man… and give some back.

It’s been near ten years since we left Deadwood. The short-lived HBO western ran for only 36 episodes, but built up a following by ways of excellent casting, and the reciting of a vulgar poetry with masterful delivery. An ensemble led by Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant, and filled out by some of the best character actors in the industry, delivered us some of the best played scenes in television history. But average ratings, coupled with exorbitant budgets, led to a premature end to the series.

Now, nearly a decade after it went off the air, creator David Milch is returning with a movie that will hopefully give long-suffering fans a fitting finale.


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Kirkman’s Outcast Get Series Order From Cinemax

Another drama from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is set to hit the small screen, as Cinemax has just given a series order for his newest comic, Outcast.

We first heard news at last year’s SDCC that Outcast had been picked up as a pilot by Cinemax, off of a script written by Kirkman himself. The script was developed internally by Fox International Channels, and then after a bit of a bidding war ended up with Cinemax. Apparently they liked what they have seen from the project so far, as 10 episodes have been ordered for the first season.

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