New Avengers Poster A Mess, Daredevil Much Better

Recently we were introduced to the first poster from the highly anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron, sequel to Marvel’s incredibly successful culmination of their shared universe experiment. We’ve been eating up and and all news and releases from Joss Whedon and crew as this movie comes closer to the theaters, but to be honest, we could have waited a little longer before seeing this poster. Check it out below before we start talking about it.

Avengers Age of Ultron

Terrible, right? This photoshopped mess of people and robots and words highlights everything wrong with movie posters these days, and frankly is something Marvel should not be having a problem with. We know that it’s the marketing department of Marvel Studios that is ultimately responsible for this travesty, but with the huge stable of artists at Marvel’s beck-and-call, you would think putting together an adequate and artistic poster would be relatively simple for Marvel. We’ve seen a few great artist-created posters over the years, but it seems like Marvel has fallen into a poster slump ever since Iron Man 2, which arguably kicked off this style of poster the marketing department keeps putting together.

The first Avengers poster was not without it’s own controversy, with every male character facing forward in anticipation of the battle, yet Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow had her backside turned to the camera in order to show off her “assets” to the enemies, apparently. Johannsen was also a victim of bad photoshopping in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster, which followed the same pattern we’ve seen in Marvel’s posters for the last few years now. Poorly photoshopped characters, faded backgrounds showing destruction, and a title that encompasses almost half of the poster.


With the newest insult to a formerly proud and respected aspect of film promotion, Avengers: Age of Ultron overcrowds the poster with a ton of characters that clearly don’t respect the laws of physics, and pushes them all to the center of the poster in order to make room for the oversized title and huge list of cast members. Obviously a movie on this scale is going to have a large cast list, but the poster feels incredibly crowded before we even get a chance to mention the credits.

Of course, the poster does reveal a few interesting names in those credits that were previously unconfirmed roles in the sequel. We heard rumors that Idris Elba would be reprising his role as Balder in some capacity for Age of Ultron, and the credit list confirms his involvement in the film. It also reveals that we will be seeing both Hayley Atwell and Anthony Mackie in the film, reprising thier roles as Peggy Carter and Sam Wilson AKA Falcon, respectively. Again, how these roles fit in to the overall film remains to be seen, but chances are they won’t move past the cameo stage, especially considering the fact that Atwell’s Peggy Carter exists mainly as a character in the ’40s.

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Marvel continued to promote the film over the week as individual character posters were released by the actors on Facebook, and while these solo posters looked better than the team shot, they were still entirely forgettable. You can check out those posters below.

So with this perfect example of a terrible poster on display here, Let’s take a look at a far better poster. Look no further than Marvel’s recently released poster for Daredevil, which gives us a brief glimpse at Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, who delivers a quick smirk to the camera as he fixes his tie. Simple? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.


It teases the show while giving us a much needed look at some of the personality Cox has steeped into his portrayal of Matt Murdock. Obviously something this simple wouldn’t work as well with the superstar-filled Avengers: Age of Ultron poster, but it showcases the problems inherent with the first poster from the film.

What are your thoughts on this first poster? Do you agree with our hatred of the poster or are you looking forward to adding it to your collection? let us know in the comments section below or join the discussion on the Grizzly Bomb Facebook page!

Images: Marvel Studios, NetFlix

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